10 Most Popular Window Blinds in 2018

Window Blinds

Want to know what the most popular blinds are in 2018? Whether you want to check which window blinds will sell best in your shop or you’re just buying for personal use, you want the latest trends – blinds that are up to date and look great.

At Homefords, we ship over 25,000 products every week. This includes a vast array of great blinds at wholesale prices. And with this, we get a unique insight into what’s on trend. So, what is selling like hot cakes? Window blinds come in a range of colours and styles, but with our help, you can find out which blinds are the most popular…

Read on for our countdown of the ten most popular window blinds in 2018.

10. Roman Blind

Roman blinds are probably the oldest style among the most popular blinds in terms of their origin. They have been used to dress and cover windows for centuries. And that’s exactly what gives them their unique selling point in modern properties.

Roman blinds are made of a long flat piece of fabric with pull cords attached for raising and lowering. When raising the blind, the fabric folds into itself over and over again, because of slim dowels inserted horizontally into the fabric. This creates a series of overlaps which stack at the bottom of the folded blind – or at the top of the window if blinds are fully raised. 

 9. Watermark Vertical Blind

Sometimes, in design, it’s the smallest things that have the biggest impact. Rather than having loud, garish designs, it’s much more desirable and stylish to have subtle features that combine perfectly. And that can certainly be the case with blinds.

Vertical blinds with a subtle watermark effect have become one of the most popular window blinds in 2018. Because of their understated design, they’re a versatile option that can be used in any room. Additionally, the vertical slats allow for full control of how much light enters the room – which has become an essential in modern properties.

  1. PVC Wood Effect Venetian

With a huge Scandinavian influence sweeping across Britain, it’s no surprise that wood effect blinds have made their way into the top ten. Wood is an essential component in modern design trends like hygge, which focus on comfort, warmth and texture. For this kind of blind, a subtle wood effect is combined with the practicality of PVC, which makes them extra durable and easy to maintain, and the venetian design which makes it easy to adjust the angle and control light levels.

  1. Faux Wood Venetian Blind

Similar to wood effect, faux wood blinds offer texture, warmth and natural style to interiors. With a realistic wooden appearance, they’re perfect for adding depth, which has become more and more important in modern design schemes. Their wooden appearance also means they work perfectly with almost any style of décor. Both popular wood styles are for venetian blinds, as this is the only blind where a wood effect or faux wood option is practical.

  1. Aluminium Venetian Blind

The different materials possible with venetian blinds means it’s also popular with aluminium. Metals are yet another material which has features in interior design massively over the last couple of years. The likes of copper, aluminium and brass add intrigue and texture to any room. That’s exactly why aluminium venetian blinds are one of the top products of 2018.

  1. Blackout Vertical Blind

While blackout curtains and blinds were once a luxury, they are now much more commonplace and have actually made their way into the most popular blinds for 2018. It’s clearly very useful to have complete control over what light enters a room – especially in bedrooms. With blackout vertical blinds, you can twist the vertical slats swiftly to go from full brightness to complete darkness.

  1. Scalloped Edge Roller Blind

Scalloped edge roller blinds offer something unique compared to other styles. They feature a scalloped edge at the hem, which adds an attractive layer to their practical roller design. It’s no wonder they are among the most popular blinds, offering a traditional stylish look that’s suitable for any room.

  1. PVC Venetian Blind

There’s a big appetite for venetian blinds in 2018. Why? They offer timeless style with the perfect level of privacy in your home. The most popular option are PVC venetian blinds, which blend the classic look with convenient practicality. Made from strong, durable and easy-maintenance PVC, they’re a popular option for homeowners or commercial property managers who want to pair style with function.

  1. Square Eyelet Roller Blind

Another great way to liven up the practical roller blind is with eyelet detailing at the hem. It adds a modern twist to the blind, which is clearly popular among consumers in 2018. Simply roll blinds up or down for extra light or extra privacy, and leave the chrome-effect square eyelet hem to work wonders for your design.

And finally…

  1. Blackout Roller Blind

Top of the pile is the classic blackout roller blind. Clearly, 2018 is the year for functionality, and this popular blind has it in abundance. Roller blinds are the best option for keeping out light, with a single sheet covering the window when rolled down.

Add to that the blackout coating and you have something that’s hugely useful for bedrooms in the home, in hotels or even in care homes and hospitals – to name just a few. Blackout roller blinds are typically available in a wide range of colours and widths, making them a hugely versatile option too. It’s no wonder they’re top of 2018’s list of on trend blinds.

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