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Weighted Blankets: What Weight is Best?

Over the last few years, weighted gravity blankets have become more mainstream. But a common question asked is what weight for weighted blankets is best? As more people seek to gain the potential benefits of deeper, higher-quality sleep and reduced stress, understanding what weight is best will help your customers be weighted blanket converts after […]

What Does A Weighted Blanket Do?

As a wholesale supplier of bedding, we have seen first hand how popular weighted blankets have become. Alternatively known as gravity blankets or pressure blankets, these cosy coverings are marketed as resolving sleep issues, and are a non-medical solution to unsettled sleep. But what does a weighted blanket do and why might they be beneficial […]

How to Make Your Hotel Rooms Look Bigger

Hotel Room

The hotel rooms you offer are a certain size and, unless you’re looking at spending a large amount of money, that’s the size they’re going to stay. That’s not a problem if they’re a reasonable size, and certainly no issue if they’re big. But what if they’re small? Won’t it put potential visitors off? In […]