4 Interior Design Tips for Your Holiday Cottage Rental

Holiday Cottage

With flights and holidays cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more holidaymakers are turning towards staycations to satisfy their wanderlust.

Inbound tourism is set to rise by 20% this year. But with this increase in traffic comes fierce competition. How can you make your holiday cottage stand out from the rest?

Creating an eye-catching and inviting space is key to attracting visitors to your property. We’ve compiled our top four interior design tips to help you beat the competition and attract more guests to your cottage rental this year.\

1. Choose your colour palette

The most put-together and stylish properties follow a well-thought-out colour scheme that’s both complementary and consistent throughout.

To do this, you can add splashes of your chosen colours using soft furnishings such as bedding, curtains, cushions, throws, and rugs, as well as adding an eye-catching feature wall or piece of artwork.

As a tip, be sure to avoid patterns or designs that are too niche or targeted towards a specific taste – unless this fits your target audience.

2. Invest in quality

Well-rested guests are happy guests. And happy guests leave great reviews!

Most holidaymakers want comfort that goes above and beyond what they’re used to in their daily lives. Nobody wants to pay for a holiday cottage rental just to feel like they’re staying at just any other home!

Make your guests’ stay a pleasant experience by adding touches of comfort and luxury throughout your cottage.

You can do this by using high-quality linen and sheets, plenty of cushions, and fully lined curtains or black-out blinds to bedrooms. You can also add towels and mats to bathrooms that are soft to the touch to heighten their relaxing bath-time experience.

3. Stand out from the rest

What separates you from the crowd? What will keep your guests coming back to your cottage time after time?

One way to create a memorable experience is to centre your interior design around a specific theme. And a great way to choose your theme is to draw inspiration from your local area.

If your town has a rich history, beautiful surroundings, or unique local art, why not incorporate this into your design? This will not only look great, but give you an edge over your competitors!

4. #PicturePerfect

However you decide to design your property, remember to take into account how your use of colour, layout, and materials will show up on camera.

Design your cottage in a way that will not only photograph nicely for your website and online listings, but will look picture-perfect in your guests’ snaps. Remember, your guests will be creating memories there!

Instagram is a very powerful tool, and so being tagged in one of your guests’ posts can be a great way to drive interest in your property!

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