5 Things to Consider When Choosing B&B Towels

B&B towels

Choosing B&B towels may seem like one of the more minor aspects of your business – a task requiring little attention compared to selecting the bedding or the general décor of each room. However, a good quality towel is a crucial factor when it comes to your guests having a pleasant experience at your bed and breakfast.

Whether they are using a shower, a bathtub or just drying their hands, your B&B towels should provide a soft feel against their skin, offer great absorbency and be the right size to help your guests get warm and dry more quickly, particularly during the winter months.

When running a B&B, you also need to think about the different types of towels your guests may require. To offer a stellar service, it’s advisable to provide each guest with a full set of towels upon their check-in, including a separate hand towel and facecloth alongside a fluffy bath sheet or bath towel.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot involved in the art of choosing the perfect towels for your B&B. To make things simpler for you, here at Homefords, we’ve drawn on a century’s worth of experience in the soft furnishings business to create a helpful list of our top tips. Read on for 5 key things to consider when ordering new B&B towels.

1. Provide a varied selection of towel sizes

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a great idea to provide your guests with an assortment of towel sizes, rather than simply ordering wholesale towels in one size. Different towels do different jobs, after all.

Your guests will probably not be happy to dry themselves with the same towel they might wash their face with. It also isn’t very convenient to dry your face and hands on a large towel designed to dry you off after a bath or a shower.

We’d therefore recommend offering a full bath set, consisting of a face cloth, a hand towel and a bigger bath towel, to give your guests a towel for every situation.

At Homefords, we have a wide variety of wholesale B&B towels to choose from, including colourful bath sets that will brighten up your guest rooms and give your guests a wonderfully soft, absorbent towel to dry themselves with after a wash.

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2. Choose towels that are soft and fluffy to touch

Speaking of softness, it’s essential that you consider the feel of the towels you provide for your guests. Scratchy materials will feel unpleasant and could even irritate the skin of any guests who suffer from skin sensitivities such as eczema.

Besides, there’s nothing quite like a thick, soft, fluffy towel after a bath or a shower, especially during the colder months when your guests will want to dry off as quickly as possible.

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3. Go for towels that offer good absorbency

Arguably the most sought-after quality of any towel – besides how it feels against the skin – is its absorbency. When purchasing towels for your B&B, you should make sure they offer a good level of absorbency, allowing your guests to dry themselves more efficiently after their wash.

But how do you do this? Happily, it’s quite simple. The key to finding absorbent B&B towels is to check the GSM, otherwise known as Grams per Square Metre, of the towels you’re considering. This helpful number will give you a clue as to the towel’s absorbency. Towels with a lower GSM – e.g. under 400 – will be thinner and lighter and therefore quicker to dry between washes. However, towels with a higher GSM, such as 500 or more, will be much fluffier and more absorbent.

To find a winning balance between the two, why not invest in B&B towels like the ones we stock here at Homefords? All our towels have a minimum GSM of 500, but they are also all made out of 100% cotton. This means they are soft and relatively quick to dry too, so your guests won’t need to worry about soggy, unpleasant towels.

4. Choose towels that complement your décor

Aesthetics is a more minor concern when it comes to selecting B&B towels for your establishment. However, if you’re keen to stick to a particular scheme in your rooms, you may wish all of your soft furnishings to match.

This will be a simple task if you order your towels from Homefords, as we have a range of colours to choose from. This includes neutrals like black, white and grey, as well as bright hues like pink, green and yellow. With such an array to peruse, it shouldn’t be difficult to find towels that match your B&B’s particular colour schemes.

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5. Aim for a balance between cost and quality

When ordering wholesale soft furnishings for your B&B, the key is to find the perfect balance between the cost of the items and their quality. Cheap, low-quality products will save money in the short term but could end up costing you more in the end as they will wear out faster.

At Homefords, we pride ourselves on providing a vast collection of high-quality and affordable wholesale soft furnishings for B&Bs. Plus, we also offer bulk discounts on large orders to help you save even more money.

Order affordable, high-quality B&B towels from Homefords

Now you know the key things to consider when purchasing B&B towels, it’s time to make your order! Here at Homefords, we’re thrilled to offer an extensive selection of high-quality B&B towels at very reasonable prices. Order today and make the most of our simple online payment portal, bulk discounts and fast, free delivery across mainland UK.

If you have any further questions about ordering your new B&B towels, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or check out our in-depth buying guide for even more tips and advice.

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