6 Restaurant Decor Trends in 2022

Restaurant Owner at Front Door

While the coronavirus pandemic had everyone dining in, it’s clear that customers are now ready to dine out again.

The pandemic has certainly changed the way we eat out. Customers have always wanted a fast service, but now they also want to feel safe and comfortable while they dine. The landscape of the foodservice industry has been changed by recent events, and it looks like some of those changes are here to stay.

With customers used to dining at home, the challenge of 2022 is catching their attention and keeping them coming back for more. Patrons don’t just want great food – they want an immersive dining experience that offers something their home simply can’t. That means considering every element of your restaurant’s design.

So, before you throw open your restaurant doors ready to welcome hordes of hungry customers, check out these six restaurant decor trends for 2022!

1. Covid-inspired design

Whether Covid-19 is behind us or not, restaurateurs and patrons are now savvier when it comes to hygiene, and as a result, social-distance-chic designs have taken over dining rooms.

Restaurants are reducing table numbers inside, instead opting for ‘dining spots’ that prioritise hygiene while also making the space relaxed and comfortable for visitors.

Think cosy Parisian-style tables decorated with a warmer autumnal palette, placemats, and tray-cloths that can be easily changed between patrons for hygiene purposes. Bistro-style restaurants offer a more intimate dining experience that is ideal for post-pandemic safety.

2. Opulent outdoor dining

Before Covid, most restaurants neglected their outdoor spaces. However, as outdoor seating became the lifeblood of many restaurants and eateries, the great outdoors is receiving more love and appreciation than ever before.

Creating a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space for diners is essential, and restaurant owners are creating unique outdoor decor solutions to bring the inside, outside.

Even in cold weather, outdoor tables can be decorated with candles, napkins, and centrepieces that provide patrons with an opulent and comfortable atmosphere.

Potted plants, rugs, and even armchairs are being introduced to outdoor decor for a bespoke dining experience. All can be kept dry and weatherproofed with outdoor covers, umbrellas, wooden shelters, and heat lamps.

3. Green gastronomy

Customers are more conscious of not just where they eat, but what they eat and how it got to their plate. As environmental awareness has increased, so has the demand for food that is ethically sourced, organic, and locally produced.

Patrons want to eat sustainable food within a sustainable environment.

Show your support for the environmental movement and appeal to your customers’ values by introducing natural elements in your restaurant redesign. Think recycled wooden tables with crisp white tableclothes, plenty of natural light, and decorative structures with simple, sleek lines.

4. Fast and flexible dining

Many restaurants have had to make physical changes to their layouts to accommodate a whole range of dining requests. Although restaurant owners love to see their dining rooms full of the rafters with customers, off-premises dining is here to stay and should not be ignored when considering the interior layout of your dining room.

Here are the most popular ways that restaurants are responding to off-premises requests:

  • Blended kitchens
  • Pickup windows
  • Pop-up dining
  • Drive-thru renovations

Pick-up windows and drive-thru renovations are especially important in the ‘new age of the eatery’. You want all off-premises customers to feel welcomed without disturbing your on-premises diners.

Adding a separate pickup section to your hosting area is an ideal solution, and it is expected that permanent pick-up stations will be incorporated into the structural designs of many restaurants as we head further into 2022.

Pairing this structural design up with a ‘modern history’ feel, such as the 1950s Drive-Thru, or The Roaring 20s’ Cafe-Chic, will bring a nostalgic element into your decor and help make this new transition feel more comfortable and familiar for your guests.

5. Local tastes

The reign of the chain-restaurant is over. Diners are now looking for an authentic experience when they eat out and are in search of restaurants that promote local themes, flavors, and customs within the menu and the space.

Restaurants are making a name for themselves by using interior design to tell their unique story or guide customers through the history and culture of the area.

Diners are not only paying for food but for an experience that stimulates all their senses. During the pandemic, many got used to dining at home and finding creative ways of making take-ways feel more intimate and special. As we move out of isolation, customers are looking for authentic dining that introduces them to something new or connects them with the community.

6. Don’t forget social media

Social media is an important conduit between restaurants and prospective diners. In an era where everything is online, creating a virtual representation of your restaurant will entice more people to come and visit in person.

Nowadays, everything can be checked and verified on social media. You can be confident that new customers will search for your business online before making a reservation, so making their virtual visit almost as enjoyable as a visit in real life makes a huge difference.

Adding plenty of professional pictures and virtual tours that showcase impactful elements of your interior design will inspire your target audience to visit in person.

Get your restaurant 2022-ready

Restaurants the world over and coming up with creative ways to make their dining rooms more appealing to a new generation of diners – the safety-conscious consumer who expects style and substance in their restaurant of choice.

Switch up tired old designs by bringing the inside, outside – or vice versa for an eco-conscious interior. Perhaps you may need to rethink the structure of your restaurant and design a space that can keep up with the changing demands of modern customers while remaining true to its roots.

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