Add a Pop of Colour with Towels, Throws & Cushion Covers

Adding Cushion to Chair

If you run a hotel or guest house, a neutral palette is usually a safe bet. In all guest areas, greys, whites, light blues and creams are a great way of keeping up a clean and fresh space. But it isn’t always the most exciting.

Using small room accessories to add a pop of colour is a sure-fire way of keeping your rooms looking spotless and modern. The best way to do this is to use items that still work with the room and have a function, but that can be switched up seasonally or just when you need a change!


A bathroom is one of the more difficult places to add colour without pricey elements like tiles or flooring. Fortunately, some new towels will also do the trick. Homefords stocks a range of wholesale towels in lots of different colours to go with any palette.

If your bathrooms are white, the world is your oyster – why not try a deep navy or ochre? If you’re working with a blue or grey palette, a bold shade of either will stand out and make a statement that your guests will love.


Cosy and functional, throws are a great way to add some much-needed colour to any bedroom or common area. They are easy to change seasonally, and it is always handy to have an extra layer on hand for your guests. Above all else, throws are a simple way of adding class to a room and neatening up any bed.

Go for a warming Waffle throw, available in bold ochre or pink, or more subtle grey tones. Alternatively, for a statement piece, the Stockholm throw is sure to make an impression on your guests – and it’s made from sustainable cotton as a bonus. Make sure that your throw is thick and heavy for an even bigger pop of colour whilst maintaining a neat and tidy room.


Want a simple, cost-effective and fast way of adding colour to your guest rooms? Never underestimate the power of a humble cushion. Perfect for beds, sofas or chairs, cushions are easily changed and can be tailored to the palette of the room.

As with throws and towels, finding the right cushions depends on the colour of the room. However, it is generally easier to find cushions in exactly the right colour and size than any other room accessory, making it a popular choice.

You’ll want to go for something big and bold to decorate a bed as too many small cushions can be off-putting. If it’s a chair or sofa that you’re looking to spruce up, try a more subtle approach. Cushions can afford to be more decorative than functional on a sofa as opposed to a bed, so why not use any common areas to experiment?

Something for every room

Throws to towels. Bathrooms to bedrooms. Bold pinks to subtle greys. Homefords has a pop of colour just waiting for your hotel or guest house. Take a look at our range of wholesale cushions, towels, throws and bedding online to find the colour that’s right for you and your customers, then buy with confidence on our secure site – and benefit from free delivery to mainland UK addresses!

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