Airbnb Bed Sheets: Choosing the Best Bedding For Your Guests

Airbnb Bedding

Just like hotels, every Airbnb experience is different. Whether you’re renting out a place for guests as a rest-stop on their travels or a luxurious Pinterest-worthy room for people to unwind and relax, there are numerous amenities to consider.

One of the most important factors is the bed – and the bedding. You want to find the perfect blend of comfort and quality for your guests, all while minimising the impact on your bank balance and laundry load.

So, with an abundance of bedding choices for your Airbnb, where do you begin? How many bedding sets will you need? What about the changes in season? Which thread counts will be luxurious whilst also being durable and not breaking your budget?

We’ve created a handy guide to help make your Airbnb bedding experience as simple as possible…

What will I need?

1. Mattress protector

A good quality mattress protector is essential to help protect your mattresses from stains, dust mites and crumbs. It can save you a huge amount of time and money in the long run. If you’ve invested in a nice mattress, the last thing you want to do is pay for its regular deep cleaning, which can usually be costly. A mattress protector, however, can easily be taken off and washed between guests as part of your usual laundry load, with very little hassle.

There a range of protectors to choose from, from waterproof and heat insulating to quilted protectors, if you want to give your guests that extra ounce of comfort.

2. Pillow Protectors

Similar to mattress protectors these are a great investment to help keep your pillows fresh and stave off dust mites, stains and the more frequent expense of needing to purchase new pillows. Some guests may want to strip the bed and the last thing you want them to see are old, stained pillows – that’s a surefire way to a lower Airbnb host rating!

Just like mattress protectors there are a variety of options for these including waterproof and quilted for a better night’s sleep.

We suggest you have 2 sets of these as not only is it useful to have a spare on hand for any spillages, but it can make your laundry turnaround time quicker when changing the linen between guests.

3. Bed linen

Now for the decorative part. Remember, first impressions are everything. There is nothing better than a plush looking bed with freshly laundered sheets that makes you want to dive right in. However, for your Airbnb you may not want to go all out on extraordinarily high thread count sheets that won’t withstand any stains or spillages and are more delicate when it comes to cleaning.

In order make your life as easy as possible we recommend purchasing 2-3 sets of bed linen (including pillowcases) so that as soon as the bed is stripped it can be remade and you’re not waiting around for a laundry cycle to finish.

It’s also a good idea to have a spare set on hand and easily accessible to your guests, should they need to change the linen themselves. A morning cup of coffee in bed is always a good idea until it spills.

Which thread count should I choose?

Whilst you may want to indulge in 600 thread count Egyptian cotton for your own bed, for Airbnb hosting you will need to consider something that’s easier to care for and more cost-effective.

The thread count of bedding refers to how many threads there are, horizontally and vertically, per square inch of material. The general rule with bed linen is the higher the thread count the better the quality, the higher thread count may be more luxurious, however, but they also tend to be harder to look after, requiring more ironing, particularly if they’re 100% cotton.

A 180 thread count is a good starting point for linen that is durable for multiple laundry cycles, good quality and affordable. Equally if you’re going for the Instagrammable luxury Airbnb, then 200 count Egyptian cotton or 300 count duvet sets are also the perfect mix of affordability, strong material and lovely quality for your guests to sink into and make the best first impression.

Which material should I choose?

Fabrics such as bamboo, silk and polyester microfibre are available. But for an Airbnb experience, there are really only two materials to consider in terms of practicality and price.


As a breathable natural fibre, cotton is always popular. It naturally regulates temperature, so guests won’t get too hot. It also feels soft and cosy to the touch, which is always a plus.

Want to amplify the benefits of cotton? Go for Egyptian cotton. It’s even better, with longer cotton fibres for a more durable fabric that’s famously soft to touch. Cotton bedding will need to be ironed to get a pristine look, but if you want to offer a real luxury hotel experience, this is the way to go.


The other option is polycotton. This blend of polyester and cotton comes in ratios anywhere from 50-50 to cotton rich 70-30. In many ways, this blend provides the best of both worlds. It’s soft to the touch from cotton while the polyester adds durability. It also makes the bedding easier to care for, with polycotton requiring less ironing for a nice crisp appearance.

As a rule, the higher the cotton ratio, the softer the bedding will be, while more polyester makes it easier to care for. Polycotton might not be quite as luxurious as cotton, but with a good thread count and minimum cotton content of 50%, you will get a lovely crisp bedlinen that’s easy to care for.

Do I need different bedding for different seasons?

Whilst we recommend purchasing 2-3 sets of linen (including pillowcases), you will also want to think about the seasonal change of duvets. In the Spring and Summer, a lower tog quilt is best to stop your guests from overheating, whilst a higher tog, thicker quilt is needed to insulate during the colder months.

A top tip to make your Airbnb more accommodating and really give it that hotel look, is having a flat sheet underneath the duvet. That way, if your guests get too hot during the night, they have the option of covering themselves with that instead.

Finishing Touches

Now you’ve selected your bed linen, you’ll want to consider some finishing touches. Two or three scatter cushions will make the bed look bigger and more comfortable, while a nice throw, blanket or bedspread will pull the room together.

Fold the blanket at the bottom of the bed for a contemporary look. That way, if your guest likes to be extra cosy, they can use the blanket as an extra layer to really snuggle up.

Find the perfect Airbnb bedding

Whether you’re looking for something more practical and affordable or you want to turn your accommodation into 5-star luxury, it’s important that you find the right supplier for your Airbnb bedding.

At Homefords, we have a wide selection of wholesale bedding and bed linen options to choose from, all with the same great service including free mainland UK delivery and hassle-free returns. Take a look at our full range of bedding today to find the right match for your Airbnb.

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