12 Ideas for Airbnb Bedrooms that Guests Will Love

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Creating an inviting Airbnb bedroom that guests love is essential for positive reviews and repeat business. But how do you do it? A good rule of thumb is to combine your desired look with comfort and functionality. That way any space can be transformed into a haven for guests.

The key to providing a memorable stay is to pay attention to the details. From the style of the décor and quality of the bedding to those extra thoughtful touches, you can provide guests with a wonderful experience and keep them coming back.

Let’s explore 12 Airbnb bedroom ideas that your guests are sure to love.

1. Themed decor

If you want your Airbnb bedroom to pop, why not design it around a specific theme? Whether it’s coastal, rustic or modern chic, you can create a distinct and memorable atmosphere for your guests.

Highlight your themes with matching curtains and blinds to pull elements together and make them visually appealing. Homefords’ range of blackout blinds is perfect for families, darkening the room when young children need to sleep while it’s still light outside.

2. Quality bedding

When it comes to the ideal Airbnb bedroom, the quality of the bedding is essential. The bed will be a priority for every guest, so you should ensure that you provide the best experience possible. For example, investing in high-quality sheets, comfortable mattresses and plush pillows can help guests have a restful sleep.

Calming pastel bedding

The choice of bedding not only affects comfort but also the overall look of the room. Giving a great first impression will affect your guest’s opinion of the service you’re providing. Thoughtful consideration of the style and feel of your bedding will make your guests feel special and add to the quality of their stay. Use textured, soft bedding sets such as the Banbury Collection in quilted soft touch velvet or English Garden’s Embellished Jacquard Quilted Bedspread Set to set your room apart.

If you’re searching for bedding, don’t forget to check out our top 8 bedding trends. From bold and bright to tranquillity and nature, this blog post is packed with bedding ideas for your Airbnb!

3. Local artwork

Consider using artwork from local artists to decorate the bedroom. This not only adds a personal touch but also connects guests with the local culture, making their stay more memorable. As a host, you can support your community’s artists while offering your guests a unique and cultural experience.

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4. Smart tech amenities

Airbnb guests often expect a tech-friendly experience. You can add a layer of comfort and ease to their stay by incorporating USB outlets, smart speakers and convenient smart lighting. These touches help you to offer a smooth, modern and enjoyable way to enhance their stay.   

5. Functional furniture

Don’t forget to add furniture to make your guests more comfortable, such as a cosy reading chair or a desk for business travellers. This will suit the bedroom for various types of guests, whether they’re there to relax or work.

brown wooden table and chairs

6. Accent wall and smart shades

Another great Airbnb bedroom idea is creating an accent wall. Use bold colours of wallpaper to highlight one area, which will automatically change the feel of a room. Consider shades of wall paint that will set a mood, for example, calming colours or trendy colour drenching – a term to describe using the same colour on all surfaces for a bold look. Why not try peach as it makes its long-awaited comeback?

7. Lighting options

Good lighting is important to create the desired atmosphere as well as providing a functional Airbnb bedroom. Offer multiple lighting options, including bedside lamps and overhead lights and dimmers, to suit different moods and needs. Additionally, lighting is perfect for highlighting features of the room, from classic pin-striped bedding sets to quilted patchwork bedspreads and stylish cushion covers.  

8. Cosy corner

Airbnb guests like convenience but they also like a visually attractive bedroom. Set up a cosy nook with a comfortable chair and good lighting, perfect for guests who want to read or relax in a quiet space. Drape a soft and luxurious throw or weighted blanket over an armchair to make the area ultra-appealing.

9. Luxury touches

Small luxuries are always welcome whether guests are on a business or leisure trip. Providing extras like a coffee maker, plush robes or a mini-fridge stocked with refreshments will enhance the guest experience. These touches ensure guests feel pampered and well cared for.

white flower on brown wooden side table

10. Outdoor access

If possible, provide access to a balcony or garden. Having these areas can extend the living space and give guests a comfortable area while outdoors. Remember to furnish gardens and balconies comfortably, perhaps using a lightweight voile curtain on the door to reduce drafts and keep the area private. Read our blog on voile curtains and their benefits.

11. Personalised welcome

When welcoming Airbnb guests, many people don’t do it face-to-face. So to ensure they still feel welcome in your property include a welcome note, local guidebooks and recommendations to personalise the experience. These small gestures tell guests they are valued, as well as helping them explore the area.

12. Sources of inspiration

If you’re looking for more visual inspiration, there are a range of online platforms that can offer a huge amount of styling and theming ideas for Airbnb bedrooms, including-

  • Pinterest – great for finding ideas and collating them together for easy reference.
  • Instagram – full of home design influencers to inspire stylish ideas.
  • Houuzz – website that shares home design, decorating and renovation ideas.
  • Elle Decoration – online magazine highlighting the most up-to-date and stylish décor ideas.

These resources can be extremely helpful when you’re visualising changes or want to upgrade your room. Additionally, check out Homefords blog on interior design tips to help you create the perfect haven for your guests.

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