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Should You Wash New Bedding Before You Use It?

Imagine – your guests are having a great time at your cosy BnB, when suddenly they suffer an allergic reaction to your brand-new bedding. Nightmare, right? If the thought of this keeps you awake at night, you’ve likely wondered – should you wash new bedding before you use it? As bedding suppliers, it’s a question […]

Fleece Throws Uncovered: A Must-Have for Your Business

Throw on Bench Outside Restaurant

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses constantly seek ways to differentiate themselves and provide added value to their customers. One often overlooked but incredibly effective method is through the thoughtful addition of comfort and style to the business environment. Enter fleece throws, a simple yet transformative accessory that can elevate the customer experience in myriad ways. […]

Pretty in Pink: Elevating Room Décor with Pink Throws

Pink Throw

The colour pink has transcended its traditional associations and emerged as a powerful tool in interior design. From the soft blush of a delicate rose to the bold vibrancy of magenta, pink’s versatile palette adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any space. In this article, we delve into the world of room styling […]

Olive Green Throws: Adding Earthy Charm to Every Room

olive green throw on bed

In the realm of interior design, olive green throws have emerged as a sophisticated choice to infuse spaces with earthy charm. Ideal for enhancing the ambiance in hotels, restaurants, Airbnbs and more, cosy throws can bring a touch of nature’s serenity indoors. Read on as we explore the versatility of olive green throws and how […]

8 Bedding Trends You’ll Love in 2024

Interior of cozy bedroom in modern design with craft floor lamp

As we step into 2024, the world of bedding is witnessing a delightful evolution, marked by trends that cater to diverse tastes and styles. From the vibrant energy of bold colours to the refined elegance of hotel-style bedding, these trends offer something for everyone. Whether you seek tranquillity, a connection with nature or the cosy […]

Botanical Bedding: Bringing the Outside Inside

Imagine transforming a bedroom into a tranquil oasis, where the essence of nature’s beauty meets the comfort of a home. This is the charm of botanical bedding, a trend that’s rapidly gaining popularity among those seeking to bring the outside inside. Incorporating botanical elements in bedding isn’t just a style choice. It’s a way to […]

Why Texture is all the Rage When it Comes to Bedding

Banbury Navy Bedspread

In the realm of interior design, texture in bedding has become a standout trend, capturing the hearts of decorators and homeowners alike. This surge in popularity isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about how texture adds a dynamic dimension to bedroom décor. By incorporating various textures into bedding choices, a room transforms from a simple sleeping […]

How to Choose a Blind Installation Company

Blind Installer

When it comes to blind installation, quality should never be compromised. High-quality blinds not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also ensure durability and functionality over time. Quality blinds are made from superior materials that withstand daily wear and tear, maintain their colour and shape, and operate smoothly. They also offer better […]

Japandi Bedding: How to Create the Style

Japandi Bedding In Peaceful Bedroom

In the world of interior design, Japandi stands out as a style that beautifully marries Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian functionality. This unique blend creates spaces that are as serene as they are practical, a philosophy that extends wonderfully into the realm of bedroom decor. Japandi bedding, with its emphasis on clean lines, natural materials and […]

How to Get the Hotel Style Bedding Look

Hotel Style Bedding

Step into any luxury hotel room and you’ll immediately notice the bed – a centrepiece of comfort and style. It’s no wonder that the hotel bedding look is coveted by many. It symbolises the pinnacle of comfort and elegance in sleep experiences.      Achieving this refined aesthetic isn’t just about luxury. This bedding trend is […]

Embracing Tranquillity: Guide to Calming Bedding Colours

Calming pastel bedding

Welcome to a world where colour isn’t just a part of the décor but a pathway to peace. The right hues in bedding can turn a simple room into a tranquil haven. As we dive into the serene world of calming bedding colours, you’ll learn how these shades don’t just decorate, they cocoon the senses, […]

Nature’s Embrace: The Psychology of Floral Bedding

Welcome to a world where comfort meets nature in the most intimate of spaces – the bedroom. Floral bedding isn’t just a feast for the eyes. It’s a choice that taps into the deep roots of our psyche. In this article, we’ll explore how embracing floral designs in bedding can have a surprising impact on […]

The Art of Comfort: Embracing the Mix-and-Match Bedding Trend

Bedding with mix and match bedding

Every year brings fresh waves of creativity to the home décor space. Among the delightful trends surfacing, there’s one we’re particularly smitten with – the mix-and-match bedding trend! This trend celebrates individuality and versatility, allowing for an array of customisable options. With an emphasis on combining various textures, colours and patterns, mix-and-match bedding offers an […]

Picking the Right Towel for the Location & Use

Woman Using Towel In Gym

Whether it’s high-end luxury or everyday reliability, choosing the right towel for the location and use is not as easy as it sounds. Buying towels online can be tough. There are a few things to consider before bulk-buying for your business. Here’s our breakdown of how to choose the right towel for the location and […]

What Colour Towels Are Best for My Airbnb?

Two Bath Towels in Red and Green for Airbnb

As an Airbnb host, you know that you’re offering your guests more than a beautiful home. You’re giving them an experience worth remembering. Little touches like gorgeous linens can make a big difference in creating that lasting impression. In this post, we’ll exploring how to choose colourful towels that will boost the appeal of your […]