Beautiful Throws for Sofas & Beds: Top Tips for Shoppers

Beautiful Throw on Sofa

Do you want to add a cosier feel to your premises? Adding a beautiful throw to a sofa or a bed is a great way to go. Whether you’re refurnishing a hotel or your home, throws can help transform a space. Adding texture, pattern and colour, a beautiful throw can take a room from dull and cold to warm and appealing instantly.

However, when it comes to picking a throw there’s a lot choose from. Where should you start? And where is the best place to put your fantastic new throw? If you need some guidance, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn the perfect way to style your throws…

Bold and solid colours

If your living spaces needs a lift, go for bold colours that complement your existing décor. It will add a fresh new touch to older furniture.

If the space already has a lot of patterns, like checked curtains or patterned sofa, a solid colour will give a more subdued cosy addition. On the other hand, if your sofas or chairs are quite simple, why not add a bold throw to spice things up?

Folding fun

Ok, so you’ve picked the perfect throw, but where and how do you place it?

Sofas are great places for beautiful throws and blankets, as they add extra warmth to the room. They’re ideally positioned for cosy evenings in front of the TV too.

You don’t always need to neatly fold your throw though. Instead, why not try draping it over your sofas or beds? Alternatively, you could fold it over-the-arm or over-the-back the chair – horizontally or length-ways perhaps.

Have fun and be creative with your room accessories.

Refresh any room

If your furniture needs a refresh, throws are the perfect way to hide all measure of sins. From scratched chair legs to stained sofas, they provide the perfect camouflage. Throws also work as a protective barrier for seat cushions and even over the top of bedding.

Also, why not switch out throws dependent on season? If you’re looking for something cosy in winter opt for fleece lined throws, whilst in summer choose a light fabric to breathe new life into dated rooms.

Take throws outside

Throws are not limited to inside either! Take the cosiness outside and a throw blanket to outdoor seating areas. The perfect accompaniment for chilly summer nights.

Let people snuggle outside with a throw and make the space inviting, warm and pleasing to the eye. Draped or folded over – it adds a great touch to outside décor.

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