The Benefits of Egyptian Cotton

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In the hospitality sector, it’s crucial to provide the very best experience for your guests. As well as hiring friendly, attentive staff, that means purchasing the very best materials to enhance their comfort.

One of the finest materials you can find for your guests is Egyptian cotton. It’s highly regarded as the gold standard in cotton, improving the quality of many items, including bedding, towels and bathrobes.

Interested in what makes it such a luxury? Read on as we explore the rich heritage behind Egyptian cotton, and what benefits it offers in comparison to regular cotton.

What is Egyptian cotton?

Frenchman Monsieur Jumel cultivated the very first Egyptian cotton in the late 1800s. After experimenting with long fibres, he came across a material that was both luxurious and easy to farm more widely. His hard work paid off. It wasn’t long before the product was flourishing, and a worldwide reputation was secured that still lasts to this day.

Because they’re hand-picked, the cotton strands offer a set of characteristics that truly set them apart from regular cotton. From durability to softness, there’s quality packed into every strand.

1. Long-lasting durability

Thread counts can range from 300 to over 1000, but as a general rule, the higher the thread count, the finer and more supple the material. For Egyptian cotton, the fibres, also called staples, are longer than in other types of cotton. This makes for a stronger thread that creates more durable fabrics.

When buying bed sheets or duvet sets, it’s essential to be aware of the materials used in the product you’re looking at. Some brands will advertise a 1,000-thread count, but in reality, only 400 of those strands could be from Egyptian Cotton. As such, you’ll want to pay careful attention to whether your sheets are 100% authentic.

2. Improved sleep

Another benefit of Egyptian cotton’s higher thread count is that it will give guests a more enjoyable rest. Thanks to its breathable, absorbent and moisture-wicking properties, Egyptian cotton makes for a great choice when it comes to bed linen. Egyptian cotton sheets will be able to trap heat in the colder months while also drawing away moisture in the summer months, helping guests to cool down.

A bed with Egyptian cotton duvets and bed sheets ultimately promises a much better rest, helping guests feel much more well-rested thanks to fewer disturbances during the night.

3. Soft and gentle

The finer yarns that make up Egyptian cotton work to create a much smoother, more consistent and supple material, making it no surprise that it’s the perfect fabric for towels and bed linen. As an added benefit, you won’t have to wait until the material settles before experiencing its softness. Egyptian Cotton feels supple right out of the packet.

Other materials will feel much coarser due to the way they are made and, with use, will become rough to the touch. Due to the fewer weaves and thicker yarns, you’ll find you’ll be more likely to replace your bed sheets and towels sooner, making Egyptian cotton a better long-lasting investment.

4. Handpicked fibres

The fact that Egyptian cotton is handpicked and not machine picked like other types of cotton means it is much more delicate and a lot less coarse to the touch. The process of handpicking puts less stress on the fibres, meaning that they remain more intact, improving its overall quality and durability.

The strength of Egyptian cotton is something that is hard to replicate, and the weaves have a significant impact on the longevity of the material, making it much more resistant to stress. Egyptian cotton is also able to absorb and retain liquid, giving the fabric a much brighter colour when dyed.

In comparison, regular, machine-picked cotton is much weaker, often resulting in splices during washing, creating a much worse overall texture.

Egyptian cotton bedding

From softness and breathability to long-lasting durability, the benefits of Egyptian cotton make it the perfect material for bedding. As a wholesale importer and distributer of textile goods, Homefords offers a range of Egyptian cotton bedding – and all at fantastic prices. Browse our collection and order the products that are perfect for you or your guests.

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