Best Bedding Colours: How to Choose with Psychology

Couple in Blue Bed

Your guests love nothing more than the feeling of slipping between soft, crisp white bed linen at the end of a busy day. People have come to expect white on their beds whilst sleeping away from home as it is an obviously clean colour and looks luxurious too. That’s not to say that other colours aren’t just as sumptuously beautiful however many businesses do all that they can shy away from them. 

Did you know that colour can change our behaviour?

It’s believed by psychologists that colour can subconsciously influence human behaviour especially when it comes to concepts such as taste, decision making, emotions and sleep. This isn’t new information – the deliberate use of colour has been used for thousands of years and continues to surround us every day and everywhere, on signposts, packaging, entertainment and lighting – the list is endless. 

With colours being so influential in our lives, it would make sense to surround ourselves with their hues when we are resting and sleeping. By choosing the best colour for bed sheets, you could give your guests a more specialised sleep experience with very little effort from yourself.

How your guests sleep is an integral part of repeat business and new business, with their raving reviews spreading the word. So, to make your decision easy we have put together a guide to help you to choose the best bedding colours for the perfect night’s sleep for your guests.


Think pink for your honeymoon suite. It encourages those romantic feelings of love. It’s losing its perception as a wholly feminine colour in favour of sincerity and sophistication.


Green brings nature in. It lowers anxiety levels and offers a sense of wellbeing and rejuvenation after a restful night’s sleep. Ideal for your retired guests.


Blue ensures calm. It evokes a tranquil atmosphere that encourages relaxation and deep sleep. No longer associated as being a masculine colour, it is a reliably peaceful colour. Great for vacationing guests.


Yellow promotes positivity. It is warm enough to induce sleep but will put a spring in your step come morning time. A naturally happy colour for any bedroom, but if you find it too bright, a comforting beige will do just as well. Perfect for early rising guests.


Orange for get-up and go. A good fit for those guests on business trips who can have a soothing night’s sleep and be up like the sun when it rises.

Want to give all of your guests a personal sleep experience?

Homefords stock a whole range of coloured wholesale bedding with your guests and your budget in mind. Take advantage of our wholesale prices with a low minimum order of just £100. Offer your guests the night’s sleep they deserve and will want to come back for again and again.

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