The Secret to Fluffy Hotel Towels

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If you’ve ever wondered how hotels manage to keep their towels so soft and fluffy despite the demands of the hospitality industry, you’re in the right place. When spending the night away from home, you’ll likely have noticed the difference between your own lacklustre towels and the high-quality ones provided by your hotel. But it’s […]

What Type of Bedding is Best for Hot Summers?

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Getting plenty of sleep is critical to maintain good physical and mental well-being. To improve your customers’ satisfaction, you’ll want to do everything you can to provide a good night’s rest for your guests. In the hot, summer months, this can be easier said than done. The rising temperatures often seem like you’ll need expensive […]

The Benefits of Egyptian Cotton

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In the hospitality sector, it’s crucial to provide the very best experience for your guests. As well as hiring friendly, attentive staff, that means purchasing the very best materials to enhance their comfort. One of the finest materials you can find for your guests is Egyptian cotton. It’s highly regarded as the gold standard in […]

Egyptian Cotton vs Regular Cotton – What’s the Difference?

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When finding the perfect bed linen or towels for your establishment, it’s likely you’ll that you’ll hear that Egyptian cotton is heralded over regular cotton. But is there any truth behind this? From towels and bedsheets to bathrobes and cushions, Egyptian cotton could be a perfect choice. But it’s important to know what you’re looking […]

CoronaviruZZZ: Why Am I Struggling to Sleep During Lockdown?

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Coronavirus and self-isolation have disrupted much of our daily routines and sleep is no exception. The sudden change of structure during these uncertain times has resulted in some struggling to fall asleep or experiencing strange and vivid dreams which impact on their much-needed rest. Unfortunately, this sleep deprivation has led to people feeling groggy, weak […]

How to Wash & Look After Your Egyptian Cotton Bedding

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For any business in the hospitality industry, Egyptian Cotton bedding is a must-have. It’s renowned around the world for being one of the softest materials to soothe the skin, perfect for ensuring your guests have a restful night’s sleep. While the initial investment into the luxurious material may be a bit higher than that of […]

How Often Should I Wash and Replace Towels and Sheets?

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You’ve spent a lot of time and money researching and purchasing high-quality wholesale towels and bedsheets for your business. However, your hard work to provide a great experience for each guest doesn’t stop there. Maintaining your towels and bedsheets requires much more than throwing them in the washing machine every so often and hoping for […]

A Guide to UK Towel Sizes – Bath, Guest, Hand & More

Ultima Collection - 640g Soft and Full Towel Range Dimensions

We understand that choosing the right towels can be difficult. When purchasing towels, there are three factors to consider: material, weight and size. To ensure longevity, you must choose the right towels for your hotel, apartment, Airbnb or home. Believe it or not, but the towel sizes play a significant role in making your guests […]

Facing Coronavirus (COVID-19): Response from Homefords


The recent coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has created an unprecedented situation for businesses and individuals across the country. At Homefords, we’re committed to helping you through that time by continuing to provide our diverse range of products. But crucially, we’re also taking a range of measures to safeguard our staff, protect our customers and slow the […]

What are the Benefits of Polyester Bedding?

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Choosing bedding for your hotel or accommodation can be difficult. Price, quality, design and style are all factors you need to consider. Instead of struggling alone or spending hours trawling through the internet, we have a handy guide to all things bedding here at Homefords. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look […]

What are the Benefits of Cotton Bedding?

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There are a wide range of types of bedding available, many of which are made from different fabrics. With each fabric having its own pros and cons, choosing which bedding material is best for you can be difficult. We’ve put together handy guides to various different bedding fabrics, from polyester to microfibre, to help you […]

What are the Benefits of Microfibre Bedding?

Microfibre bedding

We understand that choosing the ideal bedding can be difficult. Knowing the difference between all the materials is the first step. As a wholesale supplier of high-quality bedding, we’re best placed to help you out. That’s why we’ve created this series of guides to the different bedding materials. In this post, we’ll take a closer […]

What are the Benefits of Microfiber Bedding?

Microfiber Bedding

With so many factors to consider, choosing the ideal bedding can be tricky. But knowing the difference between all the materials is the first step. That’s why we’ve created this series of guides to the different bedding materials to help you along the way. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at microfiber bedding… […]

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Bedding


When it comes to kitting out your home or accommodation, nowhere is more important than the bedroom. Providing a great night’s sleep, adding a touch of warmth and comfort, and making guests feel at home all starts and ends with how you design and furnish your bedrooms. And the bedding is one of the most […]

Introducing the Different Types of Pillowcases


Do you know the difference between Oxford and Housewife pillowcases? How about the Boudoir and the Orthopaedic? It’s okay if you don’t – they aren’t terms that you would hear unless you took a great interest in pillows. Fortunately for you, we do. At Homefords, we take pride in our extensive knowledge about pillowcases, what […]

Types of Fabric Finishes to Consider for Your Bedding

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There’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep. The quantity and quality count, of course, but the bedding’s comfort plays a significant role in how well you sleep every night. If you pair the fabric finishes just right, it can make for a sound night. With that in mind, choosing the right bed linen is […]

How to Dress a Bed Like a Pro

Hotel room with perfect bedding

Although it can take a bit of effort, we can all admit that there’s something especially satisfying about a perfectly put-together bed. We often see stunning beds in department stores and catalogues that look fit for 5-star hotels – but how do they get them so perfect? We’ve already shared 3 awesome bedding hacks for […]

3 Bedding Hacks for Busy B&B Owners

Bedding Hacks

Whether you’re renting out a place for guests to rest their heads after a busy day of exploring or a quaint haven for them to unwind and relax, B&Bs provide fantastic, unique experiences to each guest. For B&B owners, you may have to handle admin, the changeover, cleaning, supplies, meet-and-greets and more. That’s a lot […]

What Kind of Bed Sheets Do Hotels Use?

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One of the best things about holidays is slipping beneath the silky soft sheets in a hotel room and just relaxing on a well-deserved break. When your guests or customers step into their bedroom for the first time you want to make the best first impression. One of the most important aspects of this is, […]

Airbnb Bed Sheets: Choosing the Best Bedding For Your Guests

Airbnb Bedding

Just like hotels, every Airbnb experience is different. Whether you’re renting out a place for guests as a rest-stop on their travels or a luxurious Pinterest-worthy room for people to unwind and relax, there are numerous amenities to consider. One of the most important factors is the bed – and the bedding. You want to […]