How to Import Wholesale Bedding from the UK to Africa

Cargo Ship Exporting Curtains

If you run a home furnishings store or hospitality business in Africa and you’re struggling to source quality wholesale bedding from local suppliers, why not import it from the UK? The process is much simpler than you might think! Ordering and importing bedding has never been easier and at Homefords, our affordable wholesale prices ensure […]

How to Choose the Best Window Furnishings for Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

Decorating student accommodation requires careful consideration – not least because students have a unique set of needs. From pouring over textbooks to enjoying their weekends, students need all aspects of their accommodation to be robust, secure and comfortable. Through the duration of their study, student accommodation becomes their home – and nothing turns a house […]

How To Recycle Your OId Towels & Sheets

Cocktails on Tablecloth

Good quality sheets and towels should last an exceptionally long time with the right care. However, as tastes and décor change, you might find yourself needing to replace the linens in your guest house or accommodation before they’ve come to the useful end of their lifespan. Instead of simply throwing them away or sending them […]

Curtains vs Blinds for Bay Windows: What’s the Best Solution?

Bay Window

While they’re an attractive feature of many Victorian-era homes, bay windows can be troublesome to decorate. The joints separating each window can make completely blocking light quite tricky for sets of blinds, and the shape of the windows can make fitting curtain poles somewhat problematic. So, what is the best option to decorate a bay […]

Why You Should Be Embracing More Colourful Décor in 2021

Now more than ever, consumers are eager to take a break, get away, spend some time in luxury, and treat themselves. Over the many lockdowns we’ve all endured, there has undoubtedly been an increase in consumer dependence on online reviews and Instagram tags. With that in mind, businesses keen to implement modern marketing and appeal […]

Introducing the Meadows Range

From duvet sets to curtains, our brand new Meadows soft furnishings range features a stunning floral butterfly pattern set against a variety of pastel hues. The jacquard design and sateen finish offers a stylish look for traditional and modern homes alike, while the smooth microfibre fabric ensures each corresponding piece is easy to care for, even in busy commercial settings. […]

Are You Damaging Your Linens by Mistake?

Washing Machines

Does your organisation go through linens like nobody’s business? Are you constantly having to replace sheets and towels? If you provide linens as part of your service, you’ll want to make sure they’re the best quality possible. No matter what you operate, constantly replacing linens is both expensive and bad for the environment. Here are the […]

4 Interior Design Tips for Your Holiday Cottage Rental

Holiday Cottage

With flights and holidays cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more holidaymakers are turning towards staycations to satisfy their wanderlust. Inbound tourism is set to rise by 20% this year. But with this increase in traffic comes fierce competition. How can you make your holiday cottage stand out from the rest? Creating an […]

Weighted Blankets: What Weight is Best?

Over the last few years, weighted gravity blankets have become more mainstream. But a common question asked is what weight for weighted blankets is best? As more people seek to gain the potential benefits of deeper, higher-quality sleep and reduced stress, understanding what weight is best will help your customers be weighted blanket converts after […]

What Does A Weighted Blanket Do?

As a wholesale supplier of bedding, we have seen first hand how popular weighted blankets have become. Alternatively known as gravity blankets or pressure blankets, these cosy coverings are marketed as resolving sleep issues, and are a non-medical solution to unsettled sleep. But what does a weighted blanket do and why might they be beneficial […]

How to Make Your Hotel Rooms Look Bigger

Hotel Room

The hotel rooms you offer are a certain size and, unless you’re looking at spending a large amount of money, that’s the size they’re going to stay. That’s not a problem if they’re a reasonable size, and certainly no issue if they’re big. But what if they’re small? Won’t it put potential visitors off? In […]

How Do Hotels Keep Bedding Sheets So White?


There’s nothing quite like the crisp, whiter-than-white quality of hotel bedding for a comfortable night away from home. Inspiring a feeling of cleanliness and luxury, there’s something about that impeccable whiteness that makes the room look bright and spacious, and the bed look more inviting than ever. Knowing your linen is freshly cleaned, starched, and […]

Get Your Holiday Let Guest-Ready for Post Lockdown Visitors

With the promise of lockdown ending for good, there’s an optimism in the air that hasn’t been felt for a while. Everyone’s eyes are on the summer, with people eagerly getting ready to meet up and socialise like never before. While this brings the promise of visitors to your holiday let, there are many things […]

Introduction to our New Glow in the Dark Range

glow in the dark bedding

Forget the traditional nightlight or table lamp. Wave goodbye to struggling with light up stickers. Homeford’s new glow in the dark fleece range is the perfect combination of comfort and fun for your kids. Cuddle up with the fleecy material during the day and enjoy the bright illumination of the fun characters at night. Discover […]