Can I Resell Wholesale Items?

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Buying cheap and selling high – or slightly higher than you bought for – is a great way to make money. One of the challenges is finding the right supplier, where you can get good products at a low price. Wholesalers pose a potential solution, selling goods in large quantities typically to commercial customers.

But can these goods be resold? In this post, we discuss whether you can resell wholesale items.

Reselling wholesale items

The good news is,you’re fine to resell any goods you have purchased legally. That’s why sites like eBay are full of used or new, second-hand items. Because wholesalers sell in large quantities, they can offer lower prices. This makes reselling more practical, as it’s difficult to get a good profit margin when you’re buying from retailers. After all, why wouldn’t customers just go to the retailers themselves, rather than paying more to buy from you?

With wholesalers, you can offer your customers competitive prices without cutting back on your own profit margins. However, there are two important considerations – namely, warranties and trademarking.


When you buy from a wholesaler, as well as general retailers, your products may be covered by a warranty. This means you can return them if there are any faults. It could also cover you for any repairs over a certain period. It’s important to note that this warranty doesn’t cover the customer you’re re-selling to.

So, it’s up to you whether you want to offer your own, separate warranty to customers.


The second issue is trademarking. Manufacturers have their own brand and logo which they use to sell their products. If you use this without permission, you could be liable to legal action. Essentially, you would be using their logo to promote your business.

Keep things simple

At Homefords, we provide a wide range of wholesale home furnishings, which are perfect for reselling. Free delivery and a minimum order of just £100 make it completely hassle-free to re-stock your store and continually provide the best products for your customers.

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