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What are the Different Types of Soft Furnishings?

What are soft furnishings? It’s simple! Soft furnishings are items generally made to enhance both the comfort and the aesthetic appeal of a room, be it a living area or a business space. Though they may also come with practical uses too. Soft furnishings include cushions and pillows, bean bags, or curtains, and even towels, […]

How to Choose the Right Cushions for Your Sofa

Nothing looks more inviting than a sofa with beautiful stand-out cushions. Style and comfort can go hand in hand when you choose the right soft furnishings to complement your space – the power of pillows shouldn’t be underestimated.  Whether your sofa is in a hotel lobby, an Airbnb, or an office, cushions are a great […]

4 Matching Cushion & Bed Throw Ideas for Airbnbs

Airbnb lounge with matching cushions and throw

Furnishing one or more Airbnb rentals can be a challenge. As well as all the choices that must be made about colour and design, there is also a need to find hard-wearing items in machine washable fabrics, so that the property can be quickly turned around for incoming guests. In addition, with so much competition […]

What are the Best Rugs for Airbnbs?

airbnb rug

If you are kitting out a property with the prospect of turning it into an Airbnb, then you are sure to need some rugs to add extra practicality, comfort and style to your rental. You may not realise it but the right rug can really transform a room, providing an alluring focal point and making […]

Why You Should Be Embracing More Colourful Décor in 2021

Now more than ever, consumers are eager to take a break, get away, spend some time in luxury, and treat themselves. Over the many lockdowns we’ve all endured, there has undoubtedly been an increase in consumer dependence on online reviews and Instagram tags. With that in mind, businesses keen to implement modern marketing and appeal […]

4 Interior Design Tips for Your Holiday Cottage Rental

Holiday Cottage

With flights and holidays cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more holidaymakers are turning towards staycations to satisfy their wanderlust. Inbound tourism is set to rise by 20% this year. But with this increase in traffic comes fierce competition. How can you make your holiday cottage stand out from the rest? Creating an […]

How to Make Your Hotel Rooms Look Bigger

Hotel Room

The hotel rooms you offer are a certain size and, unless you’re looking at spending a large amount of money, that’s the size they’re going to stay. That’s not a problem if they’re a reasonable size, and certainly no issue if they’re big. But what if they’re small? Won’t it put potential visitors off? In […]

Get Your Holiday Let Guest-Ready for Post Lockdown Visitors

With the promise of lockdown ending for good, there’s an optimism in the air that hasn’t been felt for a while. Everyone’s eyes are on the summer, with people eagerly getting ready to meet up and socialise like never before. While this brings the promise of visitors to your holiday let, there are many things […]

How To Dress Your Christmas Table

Christmas table

From pigs-in-blankets to brandy butter, food is one of the most important parts of the Christmas season. No matter what festive fare you’re planning, our dining tables take centre stage in December – so why not add some magic by learning how to dress your Christmas table? In this post, we’ll cover the different ways […]

8 Quick & Simple Ways to Decorate Your House for Christmas

christmas decorations

The weather is colder, the lights brighter and we are all talking about the latest John Lewis advert. That can only mean one thing – Christmas is coming! Whether you’re usually the scrooge of the group or you’re more of a Buddy the elf, it couldn’t be easier to get yourself, and your home, in […]

How to Create a Hygge Interior this Winter

hygge interior

Originating in the old Norwegian language, hygge roughly translates into “wellbeing”. With a focus on comfort, cosiness and contentment with the simpler things in life, the neighbouring Danes have embraced the hygge lifestyle since the end of the 18th century. With the changes that we’ve all faced this year, it’s perhaps no surprise that the […]

What’s the Difference Between Lagom & Hygge?

Open Fire in Living Room

Scandinavian culture is becoming more and more influential for us westerners. Their fashion, furniture and now even lifestyle is seeping its way into Britain. Hygge and Lagom are two perfect examples. They were seen as the design trends for 2016 and 2017 respectively. But what exactly are they – and is there any difference between […]