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What are the Different Types of Soft Furnishings?

What are soft furnishings? It’s simple! Soft furnishings are items generally made to enhance both the comfort and the aesthetic appeal of a room, be it a living area or a business space. Though they may also come with practical uses too. Soft furnishings include cushions and pillows, bean bags, or curtains, and even towels, […]

How to Wash Bath Mats

Whether you’re running a B&B or managing furnished properties, it’s always useful to know how to make your soft furnishings last. They all need to be cared for differently, and getting it right is crucial if they need to be cleaned regularly. Even something as simple as a bath mat needs to be properly maintained […]

Quilts, Duvets & Bedspreads: What’s the Difference?

When shopping around for wholesale bedding, you’ll likely stumble across a variety of products, namely quilts, duvets and bedspreads. These bedding accessories serve different purposes and help shape the ambience of your rooms, so it’s important to know which is right for you and your business. Keep reading to learn the key differences between them.  […]

4 Matching Cushion & Bed Throw Ideas for Airbnbs

Airbnb lounge with matching cushions and throw

Furnishing one or more Airbnb rentals can be a challenge. As well as all the choices that must be made about colour and design, there is also a need to find hard-wearing items in machine washable fabrics, so that the property can be quickly turned around for incoming guests. In addition, with so much competition […]

5 Benefits of Choosing Recycled Cotton Furnishings

Recycled cotton furnishings

Nowadays, more people are concerned about how the products they buy are made and are keen to do what they can to preserve and protect the world’s natural resources. This extends to the use of recycled fabrics. As well as being good for the environment, furnishings made from recycled cotton can add a distinctive touch […]

What are the Best Rugs for Airbnbs?

airbnb rug

If you are kitting out a property with the prospect of turning it into an Airbnb, then you are sure to need some rugs to add extra practicality, comfort and style to your rental. You may not realise it but the right rug can really transform a room, providing an alluring focal point and making […]

7 Creative Display Ideas for Soft Furnishing Shops

If you own a soft furnishings store – or any shop, for that matter – then you’ll know just how important an attractive display can be when it comes to luring in potential customers. It’s all about making that great first impression that draws the eye and demonstrates your products to the best effect. Fortunately, […]