Create a Cosy Pub Interior Décor On A Budget


For hundreds of years, pubs have been a refuge for thirsty Brits. The buildings are steeped in history, having absorbed many lifetimes of celebrations and commiserations. Thanks to their popularity, they’re bustling hubs for intrepid explorers, famished families and long-lost friends who want to reconnect in a welcoming environment.

However, not all pubs are equal. The very best have cosy pub interiors that immediately put guests at ease. Every minute detail has been carefully considered and expertly executed, from spacing and soft furnishings to mood lighting and indoor plants.

If your pub feels more sterile than snug, there’s no need to worry. Here at Homefords, we know plenty of ways to revamp your space on a budget. Keep reading as we share 7 stress-free décor tips that’ll keep people coming back time and time again.

1. Make interiors feel intimate yet spacious

Every pub owner’s worst nightmare is a canteen-like, boxy space. Nobody can relax for a meal or drink when they feel like they’re back at school! Instead, you should make interiors feel intimate yet spacious by breaking up monotonous design.

Introduce quiet nooks and crannies, choose unique table shapes and use booths to interrupt uniform lines. The more options you give people, the more likely they’ll find a spot that matches their mood. For example, first daters might prefer a romantic corner. Meanwhile, gregarious groups often flock to large, circular tables because they’re better for socialising.

Alongside offering choice, a smattering of styles lends visual intrigue. Mismatched furniture is wonderfully vintage, reminiscent of when pubs would have to source pieces from different establishments. This ye olde vibe reconnects people to simpler times and acts as a buffer against the outside world.

2. Prioritise comfort with quirky soft furnishings

One of the easiest ways to achieve a chilled-out atmosphere is by peppering your interiors with quirky soft furnishings. Not only are throws, cushions and blankets beautiful, but they’ll keep revellers warm come the cooler winter months.

Playing around with colours and textures will make your pub feel like a home away from home. Bold, primary palettes are perfect for livening up family-friendly spaces, while jacquard patterns are more sophisticated for upmarket venues. Whatever your preference, choose high-quality, durable fabrics that can withstand constant use.

Machine washable snuggly throws are a must for outdoor areas. Green fiends are sure to adore eco-friendly recycled cotton blankets in trendy shades like ochre, orange and pistachio. If your pub has a late-night licence, you can’t go wrong with soft-touch fleece blankets to combat the midnight shivers.

3. Use mood lighting to enhance the ambience

Good lighting is the key to success – too bright feels cold and clinical, too dark seems depressing and dingy. The trick is to find a good middle ground. You could even use different lighting effects to separate drinking, dining and socialising zones.

When people eat, they need a good amount of natural light to accentuate the colours on their plates. If possible, position your restaurant area near the largest windows, and hang curtains and blinds so that people can adjust as necessary.

In the evening, soft, warm lights lull guests into a sense of relaxation. Many pubs use fairy lights or candles to mark the day to night transition. Feeling fancy? A yellow-toned chandelier casts a mesmerising glow while looking wonderfully authentic.

4. Draw inspiration from the local area

Cosy pub interiors should draw inspiration from the local area. Displaying provincial paintings, highlighting home-grown authors and showcasing foraged ingredients in mason jars, are a few simple ways you can build community spirit.

When you celebrate your city, town or village, you can transform anonymous establishments into much-loved watering holes. You aren’t just investing in charming interiors but honouring the people who walk through your doors.

If you’re stuck for ideas, flick through regional magazines and newspapers. You’ll discover a wealth of fascinating history to inform your design.

5. Add a little luxury with tablecloths

There’s nothing worse than sticky, finger-marked tables. One solution is to decorate your surfaces with luxurious pub tablecloths that are easy to wash at the end of a busy shift.

Hygiene is more important than ever in light of COVID-19, and more people are conscious of invisible germs. Pub linen alleviates some of those fears by protecting tables against ever-changing patrons. All you have to do is keep fresh runners nearby to swap between bookings.

What’s more, there’s bound to be a style to suit every personality. Pretty embroidered tablecloths are undeniably cute – think vintage tea rooms by the seaside. Or if you want something that seamlessly blends into your surroundings, choose uncomplicated, neutral shades.

6. Turn up the temperature

Every landlord dreams of a roaring, open fire, but only a few have the space or means to accommodate one. Luckily, you can replicate traditional fireplaces by installing a gas or electric heater with an imitation flame. 

A faux fireplace is an inviting accent, heating source and mood setter, minus the safety concerns. Some have weathered oak finishes, while others boast modern stainless-steel mantels. You can even find hanging electric fires that dangle from ceilings like delicate Chinese lanterns.

7. Bring the outside inside

Besides looking beautiful, plants have unbelievable mood-boosting qualities for stressed-out city dwellers and busy professionals who want to unwind. They purify the air and remove harmful toxins. Plus, they make people feel happier by encouraging serotonin production.

Whether you choose lush indoor shrubs or kokedama baskets, bringing the outside inside will leave guests smiling from ear to ear. You could even introduce indoor water features to cultivate a sense of calm.

Create cosy pub interiors without breaking the bank

If you’re ready to create cosy pub interiors, browse our collection of pub soft furnishings and table linens today. There’s a treasure chest of designs to peruse, including the highest quality blankets, curtains and tablecloths.

There’s no need to register. Simply hop online and enjoy a minimum order spend of just £100. If you have any questions about our products, contact our friendly team. We’ll get back to you shortly.

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