7 Creative Display Ideas for Soft Furnishing Shops

If you own a soft furnishings store – or any shop, for that matter – then you’ll know just how important an attractive display can be when it comes to luring in potential customers. It’s all about making that great first impression that draws the eye and demonstrates your products to the best effect.

Fortunately, soft furnishings lend themselves to a variety of vibrant and alluring displays, thanks to their extensive range of colours, patterns and textures, which can be presented in a host of eye-catching ways.

If you’re wondering how to make your soft furnishing products ‘pop’ in your window and in-store displays, read on for some top shop display ideas. Try out these diverse arrangements, and you’re bound to have customers flocking to your store in no time! 

1. Combine colours or patterns that complement each other

Whether you’re displaying cushions, bedding, curtains or towels, one of the best no-fail display ideas is to make sure you dedicate your display to colours or patterns that blend seamlessly together. You should also be sure to select a neutral backdrop which won’t distract from the products themselves – perhaps a rustic ladder, over which you could drape different throws, curtains or sheets, or a plain wooden rack upon which you could hang voiles or towels.

Select a colour ‘theme’ for your display and stick to it, even if the patterns you have chosen vary a little. For example, soft pastels, such as baby blue or bubblegum pink go nicely together, or a selection of moody, dark hues for a display that’s a little more brooding and dramatic. Try not to group clashing colours or patterns as it can create a discordant or jarring visual effect.

2. Two-tone display with a gorgeous central focus

One of the various creative retail display ideas you can employ in your store windows is the selection of one particular product to be your focal point.

For instance, why not showcase one of your stunning duvet covers, or sets of curtains, against a painted or wooden backdrop. Around it, you can arrange several other smaller items, again using colours that don’t clash with your central product. A couple of pretty cushions on a chair to one side, perhaps, with some napery or dining table products such as table runners and napkins, positioned on a small table on the other side of the display.

3. Throw in some eye-catching props

Adding some well-placed props to your window display can be a great way of drawing a potential customer’s eye, while showcasing your products to wonderful effect. These props don’t have to be anything glitzy, and they don’t have to cost much. In fact, they could be as humble as a piece of vintage furniture rescued from a charity shop – or even from your own loft!

Whether it’s a small table, a wooden rocking chair, a couple of elegant candlestick holders, or even a small vintage wardrobe or chaise longue, a homely but charming prop can be the perfect way to display your products. While we’re on this subject, plants also make perfect window dressing items, attracting attention with their vibrant greenery or colourful flowers, without taking the spotlight off the star of the show – your sumptuous soft furnishings!

4. Shed some light on the subject

As with taking a photograph, choosing the right lighting for a shop display is very important. As well as your store’s regular overhead lighting, why not draw more focus to your displays with some artfully placed lamps, to shine a gentle glow onto your products and bring out the richness of their colours and textures? If you’re using them in your window displays, you may also want to consider leaving them on after you’ve closed, to attract the attention of late-night passersby. They may be so intrigued, they pop back in the morning to make a purchase!

5. Pick the perfect theme

As well as arranging your merchandise displays using colours or patterns, another great way to dress your shop windows is by using an appealing theme. For instance, if a big seasonal holiday is approaching, use it as an opportunity to market any products related to that theme.

Take Christmas, for example. If you have a variety of Christmas or winter-themed duvet covers, cushions and curtains, then the weeks leading up to this holiday are the perfect time to arrange them in a heart-warming seasonal display. Throw in a dusting of fake snow, some sprigs of holly and mistletoe, and some sparkling tinsel, and you have a gorgeous Christmas display no one will be able to pass up!

6. Recreate a scene from home

One of the best retail display ideas is to give customers a chance to envision your products in their own homes, by recreating a household room. It’s a simple but effective idea that will set your potential customers’ imaginations alight and hopefully prompt them to walk through your door and purchase those products for themselves.

Whether you decide to set up a miniature version of a lounge, bedroom, dining room or nursery in your store windows, displaying a variety of your products in this engaging domestic way allows your customers to see what it would be like if they had those items in their own homes.

7. Use some attention-grabbing window graphics

Adding some window graphics to your shopfront can be a highly effective way of grabbing the attention of potential customers.

It’s entirely up to you what these graphics highlight. Perhaps you want to alert people to an upcoming sale, or to a particular offer you are currently running. Or maybe you want to let them know some of the amazing services you offer. Whatever your graphics describe, they’re an eye-catching way to draw attention, as well as letting customers know what special perks lie within your shop’s front doors.

Display top-quality soft furnishings

Now that you’ve gathered some handy tips on eye-catching shop display ideas, it’s time to turn your attention to finding the perfect products to add to your store windows. Here at Homefords, we offer a wide array of high-quality wholesale soft furnishings. From curtains to cushions, bedding to bathroom items, napery to napkins, we’ve got you covered.

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