Curtains or Blinds: Which is Best for an HMO?

Curtains in an apartment

As a landlord or property manager, you’re responsible for several people’s accommodation. That’s the case even more so with a house of multiple occupation (HMO). Whether it’s a block of flats, shared house or halls of residence, your HMO should be a place that people are happy to call home, but also somewhere you can manage easily.

That brings up a number of questions when it comes to furnishing the accommodation. One such issue is deciding between curtains or blinds. Which is best for an HMO? That’s where we come in. Read on as we compare blinds and curtains for your HMO.


Most landlords or HMO managers have a budget. So, it’s understandable that cost has to be first on the list when comparing curtains and blinds. Generally, blinds use less fabric than curtains to cover a window. With that in mind, they’re typically the cheaper option.

However, it’s important to consider other factors when choosing window dressings, as these could make the extra cost of curtains worth your while.

Also, when buying in bulk to furnish to a HMO consider purchasing from a wholesale site as this can keep costs low.


You can’t always rely on tenants to keep your curtains or blinds in a good condition. Every so often, they need cleaning to keep them looking their best. You should be able to find plenty of curtains which are machine washable, making them the easier option.

Blinds can be a bit trickier, depending on which style you choose. Because they hang vertically, roller blinds and vertical blinds are less likely to catch dust. They’re also relatively easy to clean with a vacuum, using a cloth and soapy water for any marks. Alternative styles like Venetian blinds can be trickier to clean, as well as allowing more dust to settle on their surface.


It’s worth considering the durability of your curtains or blinds too.

Curtains are pretty durable, with no intricate parts that can break. On the other hand, blinds usually have an operating mechanism which can stop working when damaged. To avoid this, it’s possible to purchase blinds with a separate operating mechanism, which can be replaced if it breaks – with no need to replace the blind itself.

Appearance and function

Let’s not forget how curtains and blinds look and perform. Blinds have a more modern appearance, if that’s something you’re looking for, while they may look out of place in more traditional design schemes.

Curtains are also better if you’re looking for improved insulation. This can be useful to keep energy bills down through the winter months. However, while you might assume that curtains are the only option for blackout, you can also get blinds with a blackout lining to provide total control over light entering any room.

Go for quality

Whether you opt for curtains or blinds, finding high-quality furnishings will save you money in the long run. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay over the odds. Homefords provides a wide range of wholesale curtains that are perfect for HMOs. With free delivery across mainland UK, it couldn’t be easier to kit out your HMO.

Want to find out more about our curtains or blinds? Email to arrange a call with one of our team.

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