Curtains or Blinds – Which Should I Choose?

Woman looking through blinds

When you’re choosing how to dress your windows, it generally comes down to two options – blinds or curtains. But how do you decide? There are a few things to consider when you’re making the choice, that can help you decide which is most suitable for you. Read on for our top tips on which is best for you.

Curtains – the lowdown

Curtains may not be something you’ve ever put much thought into. But they actually have a number of benefits:

  • Insulation – One of the big selling points of curtains is that they’re good at keeping heat in your home and cold out
  • Decoration – Aesthetically curtains offer something that blinds simply can’t. They have interesting texture, patterns and shape that adds something unmatchable to a room’s design
  • Light – Because they cover the whole of the window area, curtains are superior at blocking light out of rooms. Blackout curtains make this even more of a bonus.

How about blinds?

Ok, we get it – curtains are great. But there are also several advantages to blinds:

  • Space – Blinds are smaller than curtains and less obtrusive in that they don’t come out from the window. They’re ideal for small spaces as they don’t interfere with the area around the window.
  • Practical – They are also easy to fit and use. Blinds have the advantage of fitting any window size, while curtains often come in pre-set sizes.
  • Cost – Because curtains are often considered the more decorative and extravagant option, blinds are a more cost-efficient way of dressing your window properly

Take your pick

So, what’s it to be? Whichever you choose, Homefords has a wide range of both wholesale curtains at discount rates to choose from. With a selection of colours, styles and sizes on offer, it’s just up to you to pick your favourite.

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