Curtains vs Blinds for Bay Windows: What’s the Best Solution?

Bay Window

While they’re an attractive feature of many Victorian-era homes, bay windows can be troublesome to decorate. The joints separating each window can make completely blocking light quite tricky for sets of blinds, and the shape of the windows can make fitting curtain poles somewhat problematic. So, what is the best option to decorate a bay window – curtains or blinds?

A case for curtains

When opting for curtains, you have two important choices that will dictate what type of curtain you get. You can either select a straight curtain pole that fits across the top of the bay window from one side to the next, or a multidirectional track that fits above each window.

The former is much simpler to install but lacks the manoeuvrability to fit close to the windows so may cut off part of your room when closed. Curtains fitted on this type of rail can be cropped or full length as they will not be blocked by your windowsill.

Bay window curtains that move to fit each window are harder to install but can free up a lot of space when closed if you use your bay area for seating or storage. These curtains will usually have to be shorter as the windowsill will stop them reaching the floor.

Benefits of blinds

Vertical and roller blinds are both dependable choices for bay windows. Compared to curtains, blinds are a less-obtrusive light blocking solution as they fit flush to the window. Be sure to measure your windows correctly as bay windows are notorious for letting in light through gaps between blinds created by the tight angles.

Venetian blinds are a better choice if you desire more privacy in your room as the horizontal slats can be positioned to let in light partial streams of light while also blocking off strips of the window.

However, blinds can present an issue if you like to decorate your windowsills with candles or pictures because they will interfere with your available space.      

What about both?

Both choices come with their own pros and cons. So what about getting the best of both worlds by combining the two?

Quality roller or Venetian blinds will do most of the hard work in blocking out the light and can be easily opened or closed while maintaining privacy. Decorative full-length curtains can then be fitted to the outside of the bay window and will be the standout feature of the room while maintaining the practicality of closing them when needed. Combine these curtains with some elegant tiebacks to really round off the room.

Wholesale curtains and blinds for your bay windows

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