Curtains Vs Blinds for Caravans – Which Should I Choose?


Whether you’re a seasoned caravaner or kitting out a whole range of motorhomes, searching for the perfect window dressing can be a tricky task. The question is whether you choose blinds or curtains. Both offer a practical way to block out light and maintain privacy, but which is better for you?

In this post we compare the merits of both curtains and blinds for caravans, so you can make an informed decision before you decorate your mobile interiors.

Blocking out light

One of the most important criteria for your caravan window dressing is that it needs to effectively block out sunlight.  

In this instance, either blackout blinds or blackout curtains are a fantastic choice as they can both block out those early morning rays. For colder days, the heavier curtain material can also add extra warmth and protection from any draughts.


Another thing on every caravaner’s mind is that they want to maintain their privacy – especially if you leave valuable belongings in the caravan while you’re away.

A great way to add privacy, while still adding a stylish touch, are lined curtains. They are thicker than usual lightweight alternatives and cover the entirety of the window, leaving no cracks for people to sneak a peek.


For caravan parks or rented motorhomes, there may be a number of different people staying in the caravan. This means you want the most durable and cost-effective option. For that reason, blinds are a more durable as they are simple to clean and can be easily replaced for a low cost.

The right fit for you

There are positives for both blinds and curtains when it comes to kitting out your caravan. So, the choice is yours. For a double whammy, why not combine the two? The means you get the best of both worlds, with extra privacy of curtains and the modern stylish look of blinds.

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