Curtains Vs Blinds for People with Dementia

Old man in care

Dementia directly affects over 850,000 people in the UK alone. That’s not even mentioning the families and friends who care for those suffering from the disorder. While there’s currently no cure, there are ways to make life easier for people with dementia. A big part of this is making their surroundings dementia friendly.

This includes everything from safe appliances to the right flooring – and windows are no exception. So, what is the best way to dress windows for people with dementia? In this post we compare the merits of curtains and blinds in a dementia-friendly home.

Maximum light

Light – especially natural light – is hugely important for people with dementia. Here’s why:

  • As people get older, their eyesight can deteriorate, meaning they need more light to see things properly
  • Natural light helps people stay aware of the time of day and keep a healthy routine
  • It reduces confusing shadows or dark areas in their home, making it easier to get around

It’s important to ensure curtains or blinds aren’t blocking any light from coming through the windows. If you’re choosing blinds, roller blinds or roman blinds are probably best as they can be pulled upwards leaving the whole window unobstructed.

Curtains might be the favourable option as they can be drawn to the side very easily. Choose light curtains in a brighter colour to reflect daylight in the living space. On the flipside, it’s important to use heavier blackout curtains in the bedroom, according to Dementia UK. This will block out light and aid sleep at night.

Simple and familiar

When creating a dementia-friendly environment, familiarity and ease of use should be considered for every aspect of the home. According to The Good Care Group, dementia limits the storage of new information, making it difficult to interpret new environments and complete activities in an unfamiliar way.

So, if you know somebody has had blinds for most of their life, it could be damaging to replace them with curtains, even if there is some benefit in terms of light. Similarly, if something is too complicated for them to use, it might result in them simply leaving windows covered.

Furnishing your care home

Costs can soon stack up when you need to buy lighter curtains or easy-to-use blinds for a whole care home or several sheltered housing units. Fortunately, Homefords offers a cost-effective solution. We have a low minimum order threshold of just £100, making it easy to order as and when you need new soft furnishings. Browse our huge range of products today.

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