Complete Guide to Buying Cushions

Are you trying to freshen up your business as we enter a new season? Do you want to take your current style and mix it up with something new and different? Overhauling your interior design scheme can be expensive and time-consuming, which is why so many home and business owners decide to leave their properties as they are for years before taking the plunge.

Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to cushions, as they are much more affordable and easy to incorporate than other interior furnishings. But don’t underestimate the value in their simplicity, because cushions in the right size, design and colour can transform the look of your home without breaking the bank. Whether you welcome guests to stay for extended periods or like to resell our cushions, the fact is that Homefords has everything you need to help take your business to the next level.

If you’re wondering whether cushions can help or if Homefords is the perfect choice, you’ve come to the right place! In our complete guide to buying cushions, we’ll walk you through the factors to consider before pressing that order button. The following tips will save you time and money and ensure your property stands out from the crowd. Read on for the essentials to keep in mind when buying cushions.

Find the answer to your bedding questions:

What size cushions should I buy?

This is a fantastic question since cushions don’t have a one-size-fits-all policy. The size you choose depends on the furniture in question, as well as the style you’re attempting to replicate. For example, a focal point sofa needs a small, sleek cushion to prevent it from being overshadowed by the accessory. A simpler couch, on the other hand, may benefit from a bold cushion in a contrasting colour, to create a stand-out feature.


Although they sound the same, there’s a difference between size and dimensions. We’ll address the latter in a moment. As for size, it’s as simple as measuring the cushion and cross-referencing the measurements against your furniture. At Homefords, for example, the majority of our wholesale cushions are a standard 17×17”, or 43x43cm. That makes our wholesale cushions a highly versatile addition to your suite, that will add texture and depth to your interior design.


What’s the difference? Essentially, dimensions include depth, as well as width and length. While all of our wholesale cushions are plush and fluffy – it may be important to factor in how padded your cushions are to make sure your covers are big enough for them. After all, you want to cover all the bases. So, when you see 43x1x43cm in the Additional Features section of our website, you know that the middle number is something to contemplate before proceeding to the checkout.

Two of the same

When there are so many different wholesale cushions to pick from, it can be tempting to purchase several of the same ones to simplify the process. However, we don’t recommend doing this if you plan on using them all in the same space, as they can make the room appear samey and tired. Or, if they’re all bold shades or patterns, they could overpower your décor.  

Keep things interesting with a mix of plain and patterned cushion designs, or try out contrasting sizes. Like with colour and style, this can help create more compelling arrangements. It’s incredible how this basic tip can transform the interiors of any building, including hotels, hostels, B&Bs, and guesthouses. Therefore, resellers should stock as many variations of our wholesale cushions as possible to encourage shoppers to invest in a range of products.

Which cushion colour should I go with?

The colours of cushions are imperative to the impact on your space. What makes the shades so essential is that they can enhance your interior styling with little to no effort. The perfect hue can tie the room together seamlessly, while a bold splash of colour here and there can make a room feel more fun.

Coordinating bedrooms and living spaces isn’t always straightforward when you have competing trends fighting for attention. Below, we outline the fundamentals to consider when incorporating a mix of cushions into your interior design.

Think about the overall colour scheme

A massive mistake that most people make is to be too abstract. It’s easy to assume that the brightest and most vivid cushions will create a significant contrast for a more stylish look. While there’s some truth in this approach, the problem with failing to consider the overall colour scheme is that you will lose the essence of the room.

Once this happens, you run the risk of creating gaudy interiors. The best option is to pick the room’s underlying colour and utilise complementary shades. For instance, if blue is the central theme, we have blue cushions in a range of shades from royal blue and navy to teal and duck egg. This will help you create a space that feels fluid without being repetitive. You can also pair colourful shades with more neutral tones like white or beige to create an elegantly balanced look.

Don’t always select block colours 

We understand that block colours are ideal for cushions. Many of our wholesale cushion products are centred on single shades of primary and secondary colours. Regardless, we know that things can get a bit boring when you only have a single hue on offer. The problem is, how do you combine shades without ruining the ethos of the design you have painstakingly created? The answer is by opting for multiple colours in one.

Several of our wholesale cushion covers take advantage of a neutral base colour while adding vibrancy with colourful floral patterns. Others feature geometric patterns and striped designs, using different gradients of the same shade to create depth and contrast.

Complement your accessories

A common error we hear about all the time is forgetting to factor in accessories, which are paramount to the cohesive design of any room. Examples can be as apparent as rugs and artwork, two features that adorn most floors and walls. Alternatively, you may fail to spot vases and curtains and blinds because they fade into the background.

The key is to tie the room together, so you should choose cushions that support your existing colour scheme and accessories, rather than fighting them for attention. It’s worth noting that they don’t necessarily need to be the same colour, but they shouldn’t be mismatched either. If they are, the entire space will look and feel disjointed.

Traditional vs. modern

Everyone’s taste differs because no two people are the same. The issue for business owners is that you welcome a host of people to the premises, making it almost impossible to cater to every individual preference. Thankfully, there’s no need for you to try to pander to everyone, as you’ll only end up with a chaotic look that no one enjoys!

Instead, it’s important to land on a foundational style for your space and try and stick to it throughout the building. To do this, the wholesale cushions you buy should match your theme. So, are you going for a more traditional and neutral look, or are you after something more contemporary, such as vivid yellow, passionate red or stylish black?

What colours are available at Homefords?

Homefords tries to go the extra mile for its customers, which is why our range of cushion colours is eclectic. We believe this makes our products versatile, meaning you can find a matching colour for your current scheme with zero fuss. To that effect, our full variety of colours includes:

  • Beige 
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • Duck Egg
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Natural
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Teal
  • White
  • Yellow 

Additionally, there are varying hues within these categories. For example, several of our wholesale cushions have floral or striped patterns that create an eye-catching finish against simple furniture. Explore our entire wholesale cushion range now to find cushion covers in the perfect colour and pattern to suit your business’ aesthetic.

What about the style and material?

The majority of our wholesale cushions are made from 100% polyester for several reasons. Namely, polyester is durable and hard-wearing, yet it’s also straightforward to clean because it is machine washable. Of course, we always put comfort and quality at the forefront of our products, so our polyester cushions designs feel luxurious and soft to the touch too.

However, our cushion styles also incorporate other materials to ensure their finished look is on point. The following is a selection of additional materials you will find when you search through our range of wholesale cushions online.

Wholesale embellished cushions

As the name suggests, embellished cushions are ideal for people who like a bit of glitz and glamour in their lives. If you think striking furnishings will enhance your interiors, or if your customers will go mad for characterful cushions, our sparkly sequined designs could be the perfect option for you and your business.

Whether you prefer a subtle metallic stripe, twinkly diamantes or the drama of full-on sequins, there is something for everyone in our wholesale embellished cushion range. Choose from two-tone sequin covers that are eye-catching no matter where you use them, or more subtle cushion covers intermittently dotted with sequins for a hint of sparkle under the right lighting.

Wholesale patterned cushions

Patterned cushions may not be as bold as sequin styles, but their contrasting designs and use of gradients still pack a punch. What you will notice about our wholesale patterned cushions, is that some feature a mix of materials to create a 3D effect. The chenille fabric used throughout our patterned cushions category is a prime example, with raised and feathery qualities help you to switch up your textures.

If you’re not sure about showcasing one design all of the time and you’d prefer a more versatile cushion, try one of our patterned wholesale cushions with a plain reverse. You can then switch the cushion around to suit the look you’re going for.

Wholesale plain cushions

Now, we do understand that plain cushions sound a little boring. Don’t worry about offending us because we know what people think when they read the word “plain”. However, when it comes to cushions, plain isn’t always a bad thing. They’re simple, hassle-free and won’t clash with your existing patterned accessories.

We’ve also incorporated a variety of textures like damask, crushed velvet and supersoft faux fur into our plain wholesale cushion designs to add cosiness and interest. It’s only a small change, but it makes a significant impact.

How can I fill my wholesale cushion covers?

There are two types of filling you can use to fill your wholesale cushion covers by Homefords. There’s a choice of man-made or natural materials. Both have their pros and cons, which is why it can be tough to make a quick decision. The most important things to keep in mind are all outlined below for inspiration.

Man-made fillings

Man-made cushion fillings are extremely popular in the industry because they are cheaper to produce. For customers, that means they are less expensive to purchase, which is always a bonus because not many have a bottomless budget. Another positive is the robustness of man-made fillings such as polyester and foam. Their durable nature means your cushions won’t lose their shape or suffer the effects of wear and tear very easily. Man-made cushion fillers also tend to bounce back better than their natural counterparts and many can be laundered.

Natural fillings

When you imagine natural fillings, you’ll likely think of feathers. Goose-down and duck feathers are very common these days due to their extra level of comfort. However, wool, cotton and plant-based derivatives all fall into this category, meaning you have multiple options at your disposal if feathers or down fillings are not appropriate. Natural fillers are also warm, making them ideal for the colder months when you require extra heat.

The only real downside is that as the materials are harder to source, natural fillers are more expensive than man-made ones. However, they’re usually more luxurious too. Another potential issue is that some natural fillings contain animal products.

Which fillings are available at Homefords?

At Homefords, we have a single product within our wholesale cushion pad section which we believe it ticks all the right boxes. Being polyester, it’s man-made. But we encourage you to contemplate the advantages of this before judging a cushion by its filling. 

While they may not seem as opulent as down and feathers at first sight, they do bring a lot to the table… or your sofa, armchair or bed! These are the features we love about our wholesale cushion pads:

  • Made from polyester hollowfibre: Using polyester hollowfibre means our cushion pads have been meticulously carded to eliminate large clusters and prevent bumps and lumps from forming in one area. By spreading the filling evenly throughout our luxury wholesale cushion covers, your cushions will be as comfortable as possible for your guests and customers.
  • They weigh 450g: Our cushion pads are around 75g heavier than typical wholesale cushion pads, despite being man-made. We prefer the extra weight because the mass makes the covers appear fuller. Cushions tend to feel cosier, too, since they are soft and plump in equal measure. When you buy our pads in conjunction with our cushion covers, you’ll receive the ultimate finish because our products are designed to fit together seamlessly.
  • Hypo-allergenic: Another reason to use polyester is that it is completely hypo-allergenic. Sadly, lots of people suffer from allergies, particularly at certain times of the year. Not only do natural fillings make reactions more likely on their own, but they absorb allergens in the air, too. Therefore, everything from dust to pollen can become trapped in the cushion filling and trigger sneezes, coughing fits and watery eyes. Polyester eliminates these side effects, which is why Homefords is a market leader in supplying wholesale cushion covers and pads to hospitality and retail businesses.
  • British Standards 5852 compliant: Fire isn’t the first thing you think about when buying cushions, yet it’s a feature to consider because you should be prepared for the worst-case scenario. The good news is, you don’t have to fret about disasters such as fires because our polyester hollowfibre filling has been developed in line with the latest British Standards 5852 terms and conditions. In other words, our cushion pads are deemed more fire retardant than natural materials as they catch fire at higher temperatures.

By providing these attributes to our customers and clients, we can take our cushion products to the next level. Whatever industry you’re in, your shoppers or guests will love the fact that you’ve gone the extra mile by opting for high-quality cushion covers and pads from a reputable wholesale supplier.

Where can I use my wholesale cushions?

Walk into almost any living room and you’ll find your eyes drawn to the cushions on the sofa. Couches and cushions go hand-in-hand, which is why people like to drape theirs with a selection of strategically selected accessories.

Although sofas are fantastic places to house cushions, there are even more locations to try them in order to mix up your interiors. Alternatively, if you’re a reseller, let your customers know that your products are perfect for the following places…

The bedroom

Bed With Green Cushions

Just because you have pillows on your mattress, doesn’t mean you can’t use wholesale cushions to accessorise the focal point and make it more appealing too. While your guests may not use them, they’ll love that little extra something that they add to the room, because they demand attention. A good tactic is to prop them up either behind or in front of the pillows. That way, you’ll highlight the best features of the cushions or the pillows, depending on which you’d prefer to showcase.

Armchairs & stools

Do your rooms have armchairs to help guests to relax? Lots of hospitality venues do and it’s amazing how a common piece of furniture can transform the customer experience. Rather than letting the piece speak for itself, you can combine an armchair with cushions to make it even more comfortable and inviting. After all, the strategy is counterproductive if no one wants to sit on the thing!

Wooden, metal and plastic chairs in particular, are always worth dressing with cushions because their frames aren’t overly comfortable when sitting on them for long periods of time. For example, a wooden rocking chair looks stunning in the corner of a room, but the hard material is far from warm and cosy.

The floor

Soft Touch Luxury Cushion Cover in Ochre

Okay, most people don’t spend much time sitting or lying on the floor! So, why adorn your carpet or hardwood with wholesale cushions? Well, it depends on your clientele. For instance, kids will love a dedicated space where they can entertain themselves while being comfortable. The same applies to adults, particularly if your ethos revolves around chilling out. With a couple of bean bags thrown in for good measure, a cosy floor area may command more attention from your customers than you think. 

Outdoor areas

When the weather is nice, people want to spend their time outside enjoying the sunny conditions. Let’s face it – we don’t get the opportunity very often! Garden furniture has come a long way, but it could be comfier seeing as it uses materials like Rattan, metal and wood to withstand the elements.

By placing a handful of cushions on benches and platforms, you’ll instantly eliminate the lack of comfort that prevents people from eating and drinking outdoors. Also, the colours and textures will add another dimension to the area, making it more welcoming for visitors. This is especially true if you twin them with throws or blankets!

How can I keep my cushions fresh & exciting?

When purchasing wholesale cushions, you’ll expect them to last. You certainly shouldn’t have to replace them every couple of months. The cost of buying replacements is high, which is why it’s imperative to learn about the best ways to keep your cushions fresh and exciting. That way, your home’s interior will remain on point without the need to splash out regularly.

Wash your covers

Part of the reason why cushion covers and inners begin to look old and tired is that they aren’t properly maintained. When you leave a cushion to its own devices, its shelf life will considerably decrease, leaving you in the market for substitutes.

Washing them semi-regularly is an excellent way to remove dirt and debris that has built up over time. As a result, the fabric’s fibres will retain their durable qualities, especially if they are polyester. With that in mind, at Homefords our quality polyester covers are not only durable, they’re also machine washable to keep things simple.

Buy more than you need

If it appears greedy on the surface, remember that it’s always nice to have a safety net should anything go wrong. With wholesale cushion covers, it’s not uncommon for the colours to fade or the detail to experience wear and tear if they are often in use.

Investing in an extra set for your guests is a brilliant way to change up your interior design scheme without the added stress. Plus, we have an incredible deal where orders over £100 receive a 5% discount, which means it pays to shop for wholesale cushions with Homefords.

Swap them around

The odds are that you’ll have different sets of cushions for different areas of your business. The cushions on your beds are unlikely to be the same as the cushions on your sofas. Still, that doesn’t mean they have to stay in the same spot forever. By moving them around, you can tailor the colours and styles to individual spaces and give your décor a boost. It’s as simple as swapping them from the bed to the chairs and couches in the lobby, yet it could transform the atmosphere for your customers.

Factors to consider before ordering your cushions

There are multiple factors you must keep in mind before signing on the dotted line. The key is to decide which ones have the biggest impact. Below are some important things to take into account before ordering your new set of wholesale cushions.

Focus on the material & stuffing

Superior comfort boils down to the quality of the material and stuffing used on the inside and the outside. It’s about finding an all-around performer that offers a high level of cosiness across the board, not one that’s comfortable but lacking in other departments. Polyester is a fantastic option because apart from being comfortable, it’s hard-wearing, long-lasting and hypo-allergenic.

Figure out the arrangement plan

Range of Cushions

Business owners often buy the first cushion covers that catch their eye. Being decisive is healthy, yet it can cause issues if you fail to recognise the signs. Where wholesale cushions are concerned, you can lose money by not dealing with an arrangement plan beforehand.

If you fail to order the right size or colour to complement your furniture, you’ll have to waste time and money sending the items back. Similarly, if you don’t order enough the first time round, you could miss out on your wholesale discount on a smaller order. Remember that how and where you’ll place the cushions dictates which style and how many you should buy.

Try before you buy

Testing your cushions before they arrive is tricky when you shop online. While you might like the idea of viewing your cushions in person before you buy them, it’s not always possible to get cushions at affordable prices on the high street. Internet wholesalers such as Homefords are much cheaper for business owners, and our extensive returns and refunds policy is on hand in case you change your mind.

Don’t underestimate the seasons

Some cushions perform well in the heat and others don’t, and vice versa for cold conditions. As a result, you can end up with unsuitable covers and pads for the rooms on your premises. As a rule, natural fillings are better in the autumn and winter as they retain heat more effectively. Man-made fillings and covers are cooler, which makes them ideal for spring and summer. While our products are polyester, we do sell warm covers, including cushions with a faux fur lining that stops heat escaping.

Check that covers are machine washable

As a business owner in the retail and hospitality sectors, you understand just how important the words “machine washable” are to you and your customers. Maintaining everything from cushion covers to towels and sheets is a necessity in hotels and guesthouses, because guests expect a certain level of hygiene.

When you can throw covers and pads in the washing machine, it’s much less hassle for you and your staff. And, from a reseller’s perspective, it means your shoppers will be more likely to purchase your goods if they know they aren’t going to be challenging to take care of. As such, you’ll be glad to hear that all of our wholesale cushion covers are washing machine friendly.

Contact our team now to discuss your options

With all of this information to bear in mind, you should now have a deeper understanding of what it takes to select the best wholesale cushions for your business. We do know that there’s a lot to take in though, so we are also happy to hear from you and answer any further questions.

Our customer service agents are on hand to deal with any queries you may have and will answer them to the best of their ability. All you need to do is contact us either by phone or via our online form, to discuss your query with a dedicated team member.

Alternatively, our website is filled with helpful tutorials and buying guides, as well as an extensive FAQs page. So, searching the site should be your first point of call.

Whether it’s a size you need to get to grips with, a colour pairing you’re not sold on, or a material you’d like to learn more about, we have what you need at Homefords!

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