Does Towel Weight Matter?

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What are the different weights of towels? And does it really matter which ones you get? In a word, yes.

Towels can vary so much in their usage, from hand towels that hang on a hook for a quick hand dry to bath towels that should be soft and even more absorbent.

Put simply, you need to make sure you are buying the right ones to fit the correct requirements. Read on to find out how…

Weight definitely matters

When choosing a towel, it’s important that you consider what its intended use will be, to fit the correct requirements. This means that the right towel for the right purpose will vary in weight.

The weight of a towel is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). The higher the GSM, the softer and plusher the towel will be. The lower the GSM, and you guessed it, the opposite applies.

200-400 GSM is a lightweight towel, and on the heaviest part of the spectrum, it would be 600-900.

What GSM is right for me?

If you want a towel fit for use after a long soak in the bath, a towel with a GSM of 500 or more is imperative. If you just want a hand towel that will fit into any bathroom, 400-600 GSM would be ideal as it’s soft and absorbent.

This towel strikes the balance, so it is not too soft but also not too flimsy. You want a durable towel that will withstand multiple uses each day. After each use, you want it to dry off significantly so it’s ready to use again later that day.

However, if you want a quick drying towel, like a tea towel, you would be looking at a GSM of 200-400. This way, you get decent absorbency without towels staying wet throughout the day or taking up too much space in the washing machine.

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