How to Get the Most Out of Your Bedding

Woman Sleeping in Bed

When you have an Airbnb, hotel or other forms of accommodation to run, you want to be sure that your bedding looks great and stays looking great. Caring for bed linen is a necessary part of ensuring their longevity.

Every sheet and pillowcase will come with a care label, which is always good to read and follow. However, in this post, we’ll look at some more general ways to get the most out of your bedding.


  • Store the clean linen in a dry, dark and cool cupboard away from strong smells and bright light.
  • To make changeovers easier, store a full set of bedding (folded, pressed and ready to be put on) in an old pillowcase. This will stop any dust settling on your bed linen.


  • Wash linen after every guest. If guests are staying longer than a week, it may be necessary to wash linen during the course of their visit. As a general rule of thumb, bedding should be cleaned once a week to keep it fresh.
  • Keep coloured linen vibrant by washing with a colour care detergent.
  • Wash similar colours together. Separate the linen into light, dark and delicate piles to make washing a breeze.
  • Prep the linen before washing by turning patterned fabric inside out and fastening the buttons.
  • Deal with stains as soon as possible. Many stains can be removed before washing by using a suitable stain remover.


  • Consider using a sheet with some polyester content if you hate ironing but still want to provide a smooth and tidy bed.
  • Cover the pillows with a protective case.
  • The thread count tells you how many threads are woven into each square inch. In general, it’s best to avoid thread counts less than 140 that tend to be less durable.
  • The weave of the sheet can impact the durability to withstand many cycles of wash and wear. Sateen weaves (three-over-one-under) are lustrous and smooth, but may not be as durable as percale weaves (one-over-one-under). Keep this in mind when shopping for sheets.

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