Get Your Holiday Let Guest-Ready for Post Lockdown Visitors

With the promise of lockdown ending for good, there’s an optimism in the air that hasn’t been felt for a while. Everyone’s eyes are on the summer, with people eagerly getting ready to meet up and socialise like never before.

While this brings the promise of visitors to your holiday let, there are many things that your business will have to implement in order to make sure that your accommodation is ‘guest-ready’. Start preparing ahead of time with our helpful tips below. 


Even though the lockdown is being lifted, one thing that is not going anywhere is the need for cleanliness. Visitors will expect your holiday let to be immaculate – now more than ever. This will help them feel safe and comfortable for the duration of their stay. Consider investing in hand sanitiser and extra soap, and remember to wash any cushions and extra blankets that may have been used, to maintain good hygiene.


Help your guests relax with comfortable, hotel-quality bedding. For an extra clean  and airy feel, opt for classic white sheets. Alternatively, choose a colour that suits your existing décor or branding. Either way, every bedding set must be cleaned thoroughly after use to ensure it’s free from germs. Also, make sure you wash your hands well after stripping a bed, before remaking a clean one for your next guest.


Furnishing your holiday let with an assortment of pillows for guests to choose from, is a small detail that adds a personal touch. All visitors will have a personal preference. Some will prefer two pillows to sleep on whilst others will be comfortable with just one. Providing a variety of textures and levels of firmness will make your guests feel special. Use pillow protectors for an extra layer of comfort and enhanced cleanliness.


Create a welcoming bathroom experience with a luxurious set of thick towels. Good quality towels can make all the difference to your guests. They’re cosy, comfortable and highly absorbent, making drying off a real treat. Try providing guests in shared rooms with different coloured towels. That way, they won’t use each other’s towels by mistake. A towel can become a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned regularly, so be sure to clean and replace towels on a regular basis.

Stock up on all the essentials

Preparing your holiday let in advance will ensure that you’re ready to welcome new visitors when the lockdown is eventually lifted in the summer.

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Explore our extensive range of wholesale products for guest rooms, from bedding to towels, curtains to cushions, and get ahead of the post-lockdown rush now.

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