Guide to Towel Thickness and Absorbency

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Searching for the right towel can feel like a difficult task. It’s all too easy to pick up a set of towels that appear to be high-quality, only to find that they feel coarse and ineffective after a few washes.

As a UK wholesale supplier of towels, Homefords want to provide you with towels that are the perfect fit for your business. In this guide, we’re going to explore these qualities of a towel and what to look out for so you can find the perfect towel for you.

Understanding towel thickness

A good towel should be fit for purpose, whether it’s for everyday use, or to accompany a more luxurious experience. Although the softness of a towel can make a good first impression, this won’t give you an indication of how well it will perform long term.

One of the first things to consider is how thick you need a towel to be, and how suitable it is for the purpose you have in mind. To make an informed decision, you’ll need to look out for a measurement called GSM.

Grams per square metre (GSM) is a unit of measurement that refers to the fabric density and weight of a towel. It is often listed in the product description or product name of the towel you’re considering. Let’s take a closer look at the different GSM ranges you’ll find when shopping for towels:

Low GSM Towels (Less than 400)

Towels in this GSM range are usually thin and lightweight. A good example would be a sports towel you’d bring along in a gym bag, or to take with you to the beach.

High GSM Towels (500+)

High GSM towels are much thicker and heavier. This bracket includes towels that are most commonly used in bathrooms, or hand towels. Although the drying time of a high-GSM towel might be long, this means that it will also dry you much faster, which brings us to the topic of absorbency.

Understanding towel absorbency

When we describe the ‘absorbency’ of a towel, we are referring to its ability to soak up moisture. This can be influenced by a few factors, including its GSM as we mentioned above, but you’ll also need to consider the towel’s material.

One of the most popular materials for high-quality towels is cotton. Cotton is a material that has been used for centuries because of its absorbent qualities, and you’ll find that many high-quality towels are either made of 100% cotton or a percentage blend. This is one of the reasons why Egyptian cotton is so popular, especially for towels.

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Find the perfect towels for your business

If you’re looking for absorbent towels across the GSM spectrum, we stock wholesale towels in a great selection of colours, sizes, and material types. Whether you’re looking for the perfect bath towels for a hotel, or hand towels for care home bathrooms, there will be something that suits your requirements.

With a low minimum order threshold and free delivery to any mainland UK address, you can easily choose from our high-quality products at wholesale prices. Check out our complete range today to find something perfect for your business.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out our complete towel buying guide for more information.

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