How do Hotels Keep Towels So White & Soft?

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One of the best things about a hotel stay is the super fluffy towels. Perhaps, you’ve even considered taking one home so that you can experience a little luxury from the comfort of your bathroom!

Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to pinching. If you or your business wants to level up your soft furnishings, keep reading as we reveal exactly how hotels keep their towels so white and soft.

1. Choose high-quality towels

Hotels know guests expect the very best, so they choose the highest-quality materials. Silky 100% cotton towels are popular because they’re exceptionally durable. Plus, they have dense single or double twist piles that absorb water for a streak-free finish when dry.

Another marker of a premium towel is grams per square meter (gsm), which measures the fabric’s weight, thickness and plushness. Hotel-quality towels usually sit between 400gsm and 700gsm.

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2. Spot-treat stains before washing

We know that laundry can be a chore, but adding this extra step is the difference between bright or bedraggled towels. Before loading the machine, hotels spot-treat stains with an enzyme-rich remover.

Hotels have access to specialist formulas that you can’t find on the shop floor, but there are plenty of solutions that work equally well. For example, Vanish Gold Oxi Action Trigger Spray is a great choice, able to penetrate and lift grime in seconds.

Soak towels in warm water, apply the stain remover and leave for up to an hour before washing.

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3. Use warm, soft water

Comfy towels that caress your skin are washed in warm, soft water. Some hotels are lucky enough to have access to soft water, but most use washing soda. The carbonate ions combat calcium and magnesium, eliminating limescale build-up while producing a better lather. Plus, warm water is gentler on delicate cotton blends but hot enough to kill germs.

4. Ditch fabric softeners and powders

Fabric softeners and powders damage fibres and reduce absorbency. Instead, hotels choose an organic detergent like vinegar to keep towels looking brand-new.

Vinegar is an affordable and odour-free alternative to harsh chemicals. Alongside being naturally anti-bacterial, it’s an environmentally friendly option that doesn’t leave a chalky residue. Just add one half-cup to the final rinse for maximum results.

5. Dry linen with tennis balls (yes, really)

Another trick of the trade is to use a few tennis balls inside the dryer. It might sound crazy, but as the balls tumble, they remove creases, speed up the drying process and soften your towels.

Finally, hotels use a lower setting on the dryer to prevent shrinkage. They also line-dry damp towels rather than let them collect mildew in the drum.

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