How to Choose the Best Window Furnishings for Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

Decorating student accommodation requires careful consideration – not least because students have a unique set of needs. From pouring over textbooks to enjoying their weekends, students need all aspects of their accommodation to be robust, secure and comfortable.

Through the duration of their study, student accommodation becomes their home – and nothing turns a house into a home like the privacy and comfort of window furnishings. Here’s how to choose the best wholesale window furnishings for your student accommodation.

Choosing the right design for window furnishings

As students live their academic life in student accommodation, it’s important for their home to feel personalised and on-trend.

Students’ rooms should reflect their personality, which is nigh-on impossible for you to predict. That’s why it’s best to use neutral colours and plain fabrics when decorating student accommodation, providing neutral palette for students to style their home to their own taste.

Venetian blinds are among the best wholesale window furnishings for student accommodation, because their subtle, contemporary design can be seamlessly paired with bold colours and bright patterns.

Window furnishings for privacy and light

Another important factor to consider when decorating student accommodation is that students require a high level of light control.

Strong natural lighting is a key prerequisite to a successful study session. On the flipside, nobody wants natural light beaming in after a night of heavy… studying.

Blackout curtains are the ideal solution for windows when light control is important. Roller and Venetian blinds also offer good control over lighting, so that light can be filtered through to the room gradually.

Don’t forget durability

With lectures, seminars, essays, social events and potentially even a part-time job, it’s fair to say students live busy lives. The best wholesale window furnishings for student accommodation needs to live up to their hectic schedules, with strong fabrics and easy-to-use mechanisms.

Eyelet curtains are among the best curtains for student accommodation as they’re easy to hang and move along the curtain pole without bunching. Blinds are equally easy to operate, including roller blinds, which can be raised using a beaded cord attached to the side of the blind.

Balancing it all with affordability

Affordability is another important consideration when choosing the best wholesale window furnishings for student accommodation. With lots of rooms to furnish, even the smallest additional cost can soon stack up.

At Homefords, our window furnishings combine quality and affordability to provide you with the perfect curtains and blinds for student accommodation properties – with our Faux Silk Collection clocking in at under £20 for all curtain lengths!

The best window furnishings for comfort and relaxation

To maximise their study success, students also need proper rest and relaxation. Creating a comfortable home environment through window furnishings is key to decorating student accommodation.

Blackout curtains can help students get a restful night’s sleep, while thermal curtains keep in heat during winter and block out extra light, helping students to study comfortably without energy bills going through the roof.

Finding the right fit

As a rule of thumb, curtains are the best wholesale window furnishings for cosy designs and blocking out light. Meanwhile, blinds make the best wholesale window furnishings if you’re looking for long-lasting, minimal style with accurate light control.

Whatever your preference or requirements, Homefords makes it easy to find high-quality window furnishings that don’t break the bank. With wholesale prices and a minimum order of just £100, you can keep your student tenants happy as well as making your life a little easier. Browse our full range of wholesale curtains today.

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