How to Dress a Bed Like a Pro

Hotel room with perfect bedding

Although it can take a bit of effort, we can all admit that there’s something especially satisfying about a perfectly put-together bed. We often see stunning beds in department stores and catalogues that look fit for 5-star hotels – but how do they get them so perfect?

We’ve already shared 3 awesome bedding hacks for B&B owners. And answered a question we’re frequently asked – what kind of bed sheets to hotels use? So, what’s next? If you’ve been wondering how to dress a bed that makes your Airbnb, hotel or dorms look showroom-ready, take a look at our complete guide below.

1. Start with a solid foundation

Highly underrated but essential to create a soft base layer is a mattress protector. They are great for adding extra comfort and warmth and also help protect your expensive mattress from accidental spills or stains. 

2. Fit the sheet

On top of the mattress protector is the fitted bed sheet. Here, you’re looking to have it as taut as possible to look fresh and untouched. You want to achieve ‘hospital corners’, which is where the fitted sheet is tucked tightly under the bed. Alternatively you may want to use a fitted valance sheet, this is a fitted sheet with a skirt of fabric which drapes to the floor, covering the bottom of the bed for a chic finish.

3. Dress the duvet

If making the bed alone, start with the duvet cover inside out. Work your hands into the two far corners of one width. Take the two matching corners of the duvet. Lift your arms outwards and let the sheet fall from your arms and around the duvet. Shake from the opposite end and fasten any poppers. If there are two of you, you can each lead a corner of the duvet into the top of the duvet cover.

4. Lay the duvet down

Once the duvet is in the cover and on the bed, it’s up to you if you want to lay it flat or tuck it in for a real hotel ‘turn down’. If you choose not to, make sure it is centred in the middle of the bed and that there isn’t too much duvet hanging down on one side. For a modern and inviting look, throw back about a foot of the duvet from the top of the bed. This works particularly well on duvet covers with a reversible print.

5. Pack the pillows

Slide the pillows into the pillowcases and ensure the interior fold is over the top. If you’re using Oxford pillowcases, make sure the fabric borders are free from wrinkles. 

6. Layer the pillows

You can choose to stack the pillows upright, one behind the other, which gives a modern feel. Placing them flat on top of each other creates a more streamlined look. You may choose to have two oxford pillowcases and then two housewife pillowcases. You can choose to fluff up the housewife pillows and leave them as is or ‘karate chop’ them for that high-end, on-trend look.

7. Add the finishing touches

If you’ve gone for all-white bedding, why not throw in a splash of colour? A folded throw or bedspread gives you opportunities to play around with colour, texture and style. Cushions can be used with your bedspread or on their own to complete your look. Those final touches pull the whole bed together, making it inviting, cosy and professional.

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