How to Keep Bed Linen Whiter than White

Woman Sleeping in White Bedding

How to keep white bed linen white is definitely a frequently asked question – with good reason too. Bright, white bedding gives a great first impression. However, maintaining that beautiful, white gleam does not have to be difficult or costly. Here are three tips to keep white bed linen whiter than white…

1. Wash bed linen the right way

It is tempting to throw the white bedding in the washing machine alongside other items like shower curtains or the occasional grey towel. It saves time, it’s more convenient and it is more cost effective. But here’s the problem – it makes your white bed linen not-so-white anymore.

Keeping that crisp, white bed linen whiter than white requires a 30-degree wash for one! Wash the bedding on its own at no hotter than 30 degrees Celsius, as certain fabrics could shrink at higher temperatures. But don’t go cooler, as it’s important that pesky germs or dust mites are washed away.

If you’re working with particularly beautiful white bedding, turn that dial around to ‘Delicates’ to ensure no damage to the fabric.     

2. Store white bed linen correctly

Perhaps this is something that many of us have not yet considered, but how you store white bed linen when it’s not in use, is in fact really important in keeping white bed linen a bright gleaming white.

Although very helping in drying bed linen, the sun can actually do a lot of harm to white bedding if stored in the direct view of its rays. For example, storing white bed linen in an open shelving unit in direct sunlight can actually cause the white bedding to lose its white gleam, turning an off-white colour or, even worse, developing the dreaded yellow tinge. So, it is important to store white bed linens out of direct sunlight in a dry, well-ventilated, closed cupboard or box.  

3. Which fabrics stay whiter for longer?

In regard to many aspects of life, natural is always better. Natural fabrics like linen, cotton and hemp are the best option for bright, white bed linen. Amongst many other reasons, these natural fabrics are best as bed linen because they can be washed at higher temperatures which will remove stains quickly and effectively.

Of course, always look at the care instructions label for the manufacturer’s washing recommendations. Adding to the ‘natural is better’ mantra, try adding lemon juice (nature’s best cleaning agent) to your wash cycle or directly to the stain itself to help remove stubborn marks.  

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