How to Keep Your Hotel Bed Linen Spotlessly Clean (and Covid-Free!)

Nobody wants to hop into a less than spotless bed at the end of a long day. That’s especially true with coronavirus still present, to keep your guests and staff safe.

While we’re asleep, our bodies naturally shed dead skin cells as well as oils, saliva and sweat. This makes bed linen the ideal breeding ground for dust mites, bugs, bacteria and viruses.

With hotels, guest houses, B&Bs and holiday parks now opening up, the summer season is well and truly on its way! So, we’ve put together a few tips to help banish viruses and bacteria so you (and your guests) can rest easy.

Select the highest quality bed linen possible

Higher quality bed linen is more likely to stand up to tougher cleaning processes and last longer. Slightly lesser quality fabrics are more likely to shrink, fray or fade so they need replacing more often.

At Homefords, our Carlton Collection 300 Thread Count luxury duvet sets for example are particularly popular. Made from 100% breathable cotton and available in a range of colours and styles, these sets are not only elegant but wash well at higher temperatures too.

Let the detergent do its job

Detergents essentially have two main functions. The first is to remove any dirt and stains, and the second is to keep the stains that have been removed suspended in the water. Otherwise the soiling would simply end up back on the fabric during the washing process.

Detergents work best when the machine is not over full. Filling the machine to around 80% capacity means the fabrics move around more freely and the water can flow effectively for optimum cleaning.

Make sure thermal disinfection occurs when washing

Thermal disinfection will take place at 71 degrees centigrade. This is the temperature that laundries will typically use when washing bed linen. If the water is any cooler than this, or the cycle is too short, then bacteria may not be fully destroyed. Again, this is where higher quality bed linen is the best way forward as the fabric can withstand the higher temperature without degrading.

Don’t forget to change the pillows regularly too!

Even with plenty of washing (and the use of pillowcase protectors), pillows and pillowcases in any guest accommodation take a hammering. Oils, sweat and facial creams – as well as any unremoved makeup or hair products – can all leave their mark over time. The result? The perfect home for bacteria and nasties.

Change up your pillows every few months if possible and again go for pillowcases that are high quality and wash well.

Replacing your bed linen

Going beyond cleanliness, your guests deserve bed linen that’s stylish, cosy and pristine – both during the pandemic and beyond.

At Homefords there’s a huge range of wholesale bedding, towels and more at surprisingly low prices. Our minimum order is just £100 with free mainland UK delivery too.

Browse our selection of colours, designs and sizes to suit your hotel, guest accommodation or student rental and order securely online.

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