How To Recycle Your OId Towels & Sheets

Cocktails on Tablecloth

Good quality sheets and towels should last an exceptionally long time with the right care. However, as tastes and décor change, you might find yourself needing to replace the linens in your guest house or accommodation before they’ve come to the useful end of their lifespan.

Instead of simply throwing them away or sending them to the textiles section at your local refuse centre, here are some ideas for ways to recycle and repurpose to give them a new lease of life.

Towels for cleaning

Absorbent towels made from high quality cotton can be cut into different sized squares and hemmed, then used as cloths for dusting, damp dusting and tackling the dirtier jobs that heavier duty material is needed for. You could even use them to clean the car or your van.


Old, soft Egyptian cotton sheets – especially ones in different colours – can be cut up into squares and sewn together again. Make an attractive, warm blanket or throw for use on sofas or beds. Or create a chic picnic blanket to take out for long, lazy summer lunches on the beach or at the park. You could even sew two or three together to make a thicker, warmer blanket for the winter months.


A patterned bed sheet or duvet cover can be cut down to size, hemmed and used to make tablecloths that can cover either a large dining or kitchen tables. This idea will work really well with plain coloured sheets as you can easily get them to fit in with your existing décor. They can be ironed and pressed to crisp perfection too.

Dishcloths and flannels

In the same way towels can be used for heavy duty cleaning jobs around the house, cotton sheets can be cut up into squares and used as hygienic dish cloths that have the added advantage of being able to be washed at higher temperatures with gentle detergent.

Another great use for them is to trim and hem them and use for facial cleansing and removal of products such as exfoliators and face masks. The cotton will get softer the more they are washed, and they are kind even to the most delicate of skins.

Door stops and draught excluders

If you’re interested in a more unusual way of reusing towels and sheets, why not create some unique door stops or draught excluders from your old material? High quality towels can simply be rolled up, stuffed with old fabric remnants or cut up strips of sheet and then used to lay at the foot of a door to prevent draughts and heat escaping.

You can also create the same effect to make a door stop too – this would work well with a smaller hand towel filled with dried peas, beans or something else that will create ballast and prevent them from falling over.

Replacing your old towels and sheets

We hope our guide has given you plenty of ideas to reuse and recycle your old sheets and towels. When the time comes to replace them, Homefords is ready and waiting to help. We stock a wide range of wholesale towels and bedsheets with bulk discounts and a minimum spend of just £100.

With free delivery across mainland UK, you’ll get the linens you need without any unnecessary costs!

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