How to Tell if a Towel is High Quality

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Towels are a staple in every home, hotel, or hospital. Yet many people don’t give their quality enough thought when searching for new ones. So, what exactly defines a high-quality towel?

Let’s explore with our foolproof guide to identifying good quality towels and understanding the difference between high and low quality options.

How to identify a good quality towel

A high-quality towel ensures durability, quick drying, and comfort. When searching for new, high-quality towels, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Material Selection

Premium-grade cotton is the most popular and durable material used in high-quality towels. At Homefords, all our towels are made from 100% cotton, ensuring comfort and durability.

2. Absorbency

While it may seem obvious, the absorbency of a towel is not always considered. The absorbency depends on its construction. Look for a high loop count and a tighter weave when searching for a high-quality towel.

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3. Softness

Softness is a key characteristic of a good towel. Premium-grade cotton is the best material for achieving a soft texture. The softness of a towel is defined by its material and specific processing techniques, such as combing and ring-spun spinning, which contribute to a luxurious feel.

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4. Durability

Naturally, you want your towels to last, especially considering they are among the most frequently used household items. High-quality towels are designed to withstand frequent use, washing, and exposure.

Material selection: a crucial part of towel quality

As mentioned earlier, material selection plays a crucial role in ensuring a towel is of high quality. One important factor to consider is the GSM.

What is GSM?

If you’re unsure about GSM, don’t worry, you’re not alone! GSM stands for grams per square meter, referring to the density and thickness of the towel. It directly affects its durability and absorbency.

A towel with a GSM lower than 400 is likely to be thin and may not last as long or absorb as quickly as a towel with a higher GSM. Higher GSM towels are usually favoured in high-end establishments for their luxurious feel, while lower GSM towels are more suitable for travel and the gym, being thinner and easier to carry around.

Choosing the right GSM

When selecting towels, along with considering factors like colour and towel type, it is important to choose the appropriate GSM. For a more luxurious towel, whether it’s for your home or a high-end establishment, it is recommended to select towels with a GSM of 500 or higher.

By considering the GSM along with other factors such as material, construction, softness, and durability, you can make an informed decision on which towels best suit your business needs.

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Top-quality wholesale towels

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Our guide to buying towels will help you find the perfect towels for your needs.

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