How to Wash & Look After Your Egyptian Cotton Bedding

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For any business in the hospitality industry, Egyptian Cotton bedding is a must-have. It’s renowned around the world for being one of the softest materials to soothe the skin, perfect for ensuring your guests have a restful night’s sleep. While the initial investment into the luxurious material may be a bit higher than that of its competitors, its durability means that it will outlast other materials if treated right. Its durability is thanks in part to the delicate process in which the bedding is made. Each cotton ball is hand-picked, preventing the fibres from breaking. This means that despite frequent use, your Egyptian cotton sheets will be resistant to piling and surface bobbling, helping you to retain a professional and sleek appearance for guests. To make sure your Egyptian cotton lasts, read on as we reveal how to wash and dry your luxurious sheets.

How to wash Egyptian cotton sheets

The washing process for Egyptian cotton bedding is reasonably simple once you know the best settings to use. Also, with each wash, your fibres will continue to soften, resulting in the sheets only increasing comfort over time. The key things to remember when getting your Egyptian cotton sheets washed is:

  • Cool wash at 40°C
  • Choose a gentle cycle
  • Avoid using additional products

Understandably, many B&B’s, hotels and guest houses wash bedding on higher temperatures. However, these higher temperatures could weaken the cotton fibres and lead to shrinking. As such, a gentle wash at 40°C works to protect the material from any potential damage. It’s also advisable to avoid using too much product when washing bedding. A small amount of a gentle detergent will have a much better effect than using a chlorinated bleach solution as it can be corrosive. With that in mind, it could be worth washing Egyptian cotton products separately. If there are visible stains that you need to get rid of, ask for the stain to be worked on by hand before washing as this can often be an effective substitute for bleaching. Alternatively, adding a tablespoon of baking soda to the wash can be a non-invasive and environmentally friendly stain remover. Follow it up with a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle and consider extending the rinse to ensure the sheets come out smelling perfectly natural. Other things to bear in mind include asking your cleaners to ensure that no other items are included in the wash cycles containing your bedding as this can cause damage. For example, a button on another item could pull at some of the fibres. Similarly, different materials, such as polyester, can also cause aggravation. In addition to this, request that the sheets are not washed with dark colours. Even with colour catchers, Egyptian cotton could be at risk due to its extremely absorbent nature.

How to dry Egyptian cotton sheets

When it comes to the drying process, it’s again important to take extra care as typical tumble-drying cycles can cause damage. Instead, it is recommended to air dry the bedding. If your sheets are hung well, there will also be minimal creasing, resulting in less time ironing and a stronger, natural scent. However, if air-drying your sheets takes too long, a tumble dry on the lowest possible heat would be the best alternative. To reduce the chance of causing additional damage, ensure they are removed from the dryer as soon as the cycle has ended. Once out of the dryer, folding them straight away will also prevent the formation of stubborn creases. Then, when it comes to ironing, request that your Egyptian Cotton sheets are still slightly damp, and set the iron to a low heat level. Ultimately, Egyptian Cotton is an incredible material that has the power to keep your guests happy and your outgoing low – but only as long as you take good care of your bedding.

Egyptian cotton bedding that lasts

As with any material, Egyptian cotton will always be higher quality and last longer when it’s from a reputable supplier. At Homefords, we stock a selection of Egyptian cotton bedding at fantastic wholesale prices. With free shipping to mainland UK addresses and a low minimum order of just £100, it’s never been easier to balance quality and costs.

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