4 Matching Cushion & Bed Throw Ideas for Airbnbs

Airbnb lounge with matching cushions and throw

Furnishing one or more Airbnb rentals can be a challenge. As well as all the choices that must be made about colour and design, there is also a need to find hard-wearing items in machine washable fabrics, so that the property can be quickly turned around for incoming guests.

In addition, with so much competition out there when it comes to accommodation, attractive interior design is in important element. Before they make a booking, potential guests will look at the photos and compare your property with similar options in the location. With that in mind, showing your accommodation off in the best light is a good way to put it at the top of travellers’ lists.

As well as the main items of furniture and furnishings that make a property comfortable, choosing the right home décor accessories shows potential guests that you care about the details. To help you to create the perfect space, here is a look at four ideas for matching wholesale cushions and bed throws that will add a touch of coordinated style to any Airbnb rental.

Tips for styling matching cushions and throws 

1. A floral touch in the bedroom adds an elegant ambience 

One way to add style to your property is to introduce classical prints. Florals can create an elegant and homely feel in the living room and also in the bedroom. For example, you can combine elements of our English Garden range, which is available in a selection of colours. Choose our jacquard quilted bedspread set in silver, complemented by jacquard cushion covers for a sophisticated look which is also functional.

For a subtler floral design, our Meadows collection features an embellished jacquard quilted bedspread set in cream, with matching cushion covers. The items are fully machine washable so you can keep them looking their best, which is particularly important when choosing a lighter tone for furnishings. Both the English Garden and Meadows ranges also feature coordinating curtains, so you can create perfectly matched rooms.

2. Add an eco-friendly element with recycled cotton

If you want stylish décor which is also better for the planet, opt for a matching throw and cushion set made from recycled cotton. You can choose from a range of colours and designs that offer durability and comfort as well as functionality. To achieve a chic look, you might like to consider choosing items from our Stockholm range, which features a contemporary geometric herringbone design. For example, our recycled cotton cushion covers and throws in warm blush pink will create a soft finish.

Alternatively, go for a bolder colour that really makes a statement. Our Stockholm range also features designs in striking ochre, while our Hartley range includes red cushion covers and throws with a contemporary geometric design – ideal for modern Airbnbs.

3. Keep it timeless with a neutral palette

Many Airbnb hosts prefer to keep their properties decorated in a neutral palette to appeal to a wide range of guests. However, neutral doesn’t have to mean dull! Indeed, adding coordinating accessories can create a timeless and classy look. For low-key elegance, consider furnishings in taupe, a tone which fits seamlessly with beige, cream and brown colour schemes. Our Stockholm range features throws and cushion covers in this earthy shade, which will be a stylish addition to any Airbnb.

Likewise, our Hartley recycled cotton throw in natural can be paired with matching cushion covers for contemporary style in a neutral tone that will fit in with most décor. If you are furnishing multiple properties and buying wholesale, opting for matching throw and cushion sets and other neutral accessories can simplify the process of creating effortlessly stylish spaces.

4. Mix and match for an eclectic vibe

While you can opt for matching cushions and throws, you might also like to mix things up with other complementary items for a more eclectic look. For example, the recycled cotton throw in grey from our Love Collection could be co-ordinated with our Love Heart chenille cushion cover in charcoal grey or the chenille cushion cover in black from our Amor range. This way, you can keep the charming “love” theme but create a unique mix and match feel to your bedrooms or living room.

Similarly, fleece is a popular material for throws, as it is soft and cosy while also being versatile and lightweight, making it suitable for use all year round. You could pair items from our popular Nordic range of fleece throws with cushion covers from our Teddy cushion collection to create a welcoming and comfy vibe.

Why furnish your Airbnb rental with matching cushions and throws?

If you’re on a budget, you may think that matching cushions and throws are luxury items that you can cross off the list. However, in addition to the decorative appeal, they can add extra practicality to the home. For example, throws are a versatile item as they double as extra blankets on chilly nights and are great for cosying up on the settee. Likewise, cushions offer guests extra comfort and back support when relaxing in bed or in the living room, reducing wear and tear on the pillows.

Additionally, if you have chosen neutral colours for your bedding and living room furniture, when it comes time to refresh the décor, you can create an entirely new look by selecting accessories, such as throws and cushions to match. This can prove a more cost-effective way to give your Airbnb rental an update.

Go further with matching rugs and bathroom décor

Of course, once you’ve selected a colour scheme for your Airbnb, you needn’t stop at matching cushions and bed throws. You can introduce complementary elements throughout the property. For example, think about hard-wearing and practical rugs, which not only look good but help to protect the flooring. Likewise, in the bathroom, selecting co-ordinating towels, bathmats and accessories will tie the whole room (and the whole property) together.

Hopefully, we’ve provided some ideas for furnishing your Airbnb accommodation with matching cushions and bed throws which will help to create a comfortable and practical space for your guests to enjoy. Happy furnishing!

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