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Buy bath sheets in bulk & save

Our bath sheets are perfect for providing extra warmth and absorbency, thanks to their size. Compared to bath towels, our large wholesale bath sheets are bigger in scale and offer a quite considerable surface area. Plus, their minimum 500GSM quality ensures they feel welcoming and luxurious, making them perfect for wearing straight out of the shower.

At Homefords, our selection of wholesale bath sheets are available in a range of colours, from burnt orange and cornflower blue to black, graphite and navy blue, and everything else in-between. Check out our colour options in the sidebar to find the hue that seamlessly fits into your bathroom at competitive prices.

Why choose a bath sheet?

Our highly absorbent, soft and fluffy bath sheets mitigate the need for multiple towels. Their design is simple, but attractive. Whether you choose the Premier or Ultima collection, you'll love the simplistic bordering detail that adorns these 100% cotton towels. And, because they're manufactured from cotton-only, Homefords' bath sheets collection is easy to maintain and incredibly versatile.

You or your guests can even comfortably wear our large bath sheets around their waist or upper body while getting ready. The great thing is, regardless of how frequently these towels are used, they are machine washable and will retain their initial high-quality for a long time.   Luxurious and elegant, we recommend our wholesale bath sheet supplies to hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs, and a variety of different retailers. They're ideal for any situation.

What is the size of a bath sheet?

Bath sheets are usually slightly bigger than bath towels. You will find that they commonly come in dimensions of 100cm X 160cm. This offers your guests a lot of surface area, which adds to their overall absorbency and luxurious nature.

Bath sheet buying guide

When buying the perfect bath sheets for your business, you'll want to ensure that they are fit for purpose. Bath sheets are all about absorbency, making them perfect for a luxurious experience. When shopping around for the best bath sheet for your business, you'll want to consider a few important things:

What is GSM?

So what exactly is GSM? You'll see it all the time when shopping for wholesale towels, but what, exactly, does it mean? GSM stands for grams per square metre. It is generally considered that the higher the GSM, the heavier and better quality the towel is. This is the same for bath sheets, so it's worth keeping an eye on when you're looking for good quality, cost effective towels. Here are some of the most common GSM ranges you'll run into:

Low GSM towels (200-400)

This range is most suited for beach towels or gym towels, or a face cloth. They are lightweight and perfect for wiping away sweat or water.

Medium GSM towels (400-500)

At this range, you'll find an increase in absorbency and weight. It's common for a bath towel or a hand towel. Towels at this range are common in hotels and beauty salons.

High GSM towels (500-600+)

This is the highest GSM range and is where our bath sheets sit. Luxury towels are often GSM, though they do take much longer to dry.

What GSM are your bath sheets?

At Homefords, our range of bath sheets boasts an impressive 640 GSM. This means if you purchase a bath sheet from us, you'll be getting an absorbent, high quality product made from 100% cotton.