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Wholesale Bath Sheets

Our bath sheets are perfect for providing extra warmth and absorbency, thanks to their size. Compared to bath towels, our large wholesale bath sheets are bigger in scale and offer a quite considerable surface area. Plus, their minimum 500gsm quality ensures they feel welcoming and luxurious, making them perfect for wearing straight out of the shower.

At Homefords, our selection of wholesale bath sheets are available in a range of colours, from burnt orange and cornflower blue to black, graphite and navy blue, and everything else in-between. Check out our colour options in the sidebar to find the hue that seamlessly fits into your bathroom.

  Our highly absorbent, soft and fluffy bath sheets mitigate the need for multiple towels. Their design is simple, but attractive. Whether you choose the Premier or Ultima collection, you’ll love the simplistic bordering detail that adorns these 100% cotton towels. And, because they’re manufactured from cotton-only, Homefords’ bath sheets collection is easy to maintain and incredibly versatile.  

You or your guests can even comfortably wear our large bath sheets around their waist or upper body while getting ready. The great thing is, regardless of how frequently these towels are used, they are machine washable and will retain their initial high-quality for a long time.  

Luxurious and elegant, we recommend our wholesale bath sheet supplies to hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs, and a variety of different retailers. They’re ideal for any situation.