Wholesale Bath Towels

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Buy bath towels in bulk & save

As wholesale bath towel suppliers, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers and clients unrivalled quality. We do this by providing our full range of wholesale towel products across our three ranges - Premier, Twilight, and Ultima. So, regardless of the type of bath towel you require, you'll find a plethora of different options on our website.

Our Ranges Explained

Ultima & Premier Collections

Bath towels in the Ultima collection are our most luxurious and indulgent towels. Made from 100% cotton for improved absorbency, you don't get less than 640 GSM. That's 140 GSM more than the Premier and Twilight bath towels, which an extra layer of luxury and makes them ideal for hotels and the hospitality industry. Apart from the quality, our wholesale bath towels are distinguishable by their designs, and all of them are available at competitive prices.

Twilight Collection

While the Premier and Ultima ranges have a more low-key style with a simple border detail, the Twilight collection includes a glittering metallic border woven into the material. As such, you'll notice an incredible contrast, particularly on darker shades, making this range great for added sparkle!

Of course, it wouldn't be a Homefords selection if our bath towels weren't available in a wide range of shades, most of which are hard to come across anywhere else. From cobalt to cornflower and navy blue, we go the extra mile. And that's only our blue towels! We also offer ochre, silver, dusty pink, and many more.

Bath Towel Buying Guide

When selecting the perfect bath towels for your business, there are some important things for you to keep in mind. Wholesale towels need to be high quality even when buying in bulk and ultimately fit for purpose. In the following sections, we're going to give you an overview of the most important things to consider when browsing our range of bath towels for your business.

What is a good size for a bath towel?

A bath towel is primarily used for a person to dry their body or hair. This means that they will need to be adequately large. Our bath towels come with the dimensions of 145 × 90 cm, and this is a good standard size for you to work with.

GSM - why it's important

GSM is a measurement of towels that describes their thickness and absorbency. When browsing online for different types of towel, you'll often see this listed in product descriptions. But why is GSM important for your business? In short, different GSM ranges are better for different purposes.

Low GSM Towels

GSM towels around the ranges of 100-400 GSM are considered to be 'low-GSM' and are perfect for gyms, beaches or to dry off after a dip in the pool. They are often described by their softness and lightweight quality.

Medium GSM Towels

Medium-range GSM towels are the most common for bath towels or hand towels, making them a good choice for hotels. They are slightly thicker than low GSM towels, and as such, are much more absorbent.

High GSM Towels

High GSM towels are a luxurious option that will typically have the most absorbency compared to the lower ranges. These towels will often be available at heavier weights making them take longer to dry, however they have high durability and offer your guests a level of comfort.

Our range of bath towels

It's worth noting that our range of bath towels are available in both 500 GSM and 640 GSM. This gives you the option of choosing two kinds for your customers. 500 GSM towels, whilst still very absorbent, are slightly less heavy than our 640 GSM options. When selecting wholesale towels, make sure that you consider the purpose of these products.

Perhaps you're buying towels for a series of beauty salons - in this case, it might be better to go for a 500 GSM towel. If you're looking to deck out your hotels with lavish bath towels or bath sheets, then going for the 640 GSM kind will offer your customers a high quality experience.