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Buy face cloths in bulk & save

Face cloths are a fantastic way to offer your guests an unparalleled experience if you work in the hospitality sector. By using an expert wholesale face cloth provider such as Homefords, you and your guests will receive a standard of quality that’s tough to beat.

While smaller and more compact than the rest of our wholesale towel ranges, our face cloths certainly pack a punch. This is epitomised by the stunning colours that they are available in. From cream to sage green and walnut brown, and everything in-between, you can find all of your wholesale face cloth needs in one place.

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Your customers are worth pampering, which is one reason to invest in our soft, fluffy, and luxurious wash cloths. They might be sleek, but the high-quality is present within every square inch. Available in 500 GSM (Premier collection) or 640 GSM (Ultima collection), our selection is designed to complement the rest of our wholesale towel ranges perfectly.

Whichever you choose - we recommend two face cloths per person - you’ll get an incredible deal on bulk buys with our 5% discount on orders over £500. The price alone makes these little beauties a no-brainer. They’re almost impossible to resist!

Face cloths buying guide

When selecting the perfect wholesale face cloths, you'll need to keep a few key details in mind. In the following sections, discover some of the most important factors to keep in mind when you shop for face cloths.

The purpose of face cloths

The first thing you should consider is the purpose of these face cloths. Face cloths and face towels are most commonly used to wash or wipe a person's face. As such, they are an important bathroom product for a range of establishments such as hotels, beauty salons and restaurants with bathrooms. When selecting the perfect wholesale face cloths for your business, make sure that they are appropriate and chosen with your guests in mind.

What is GSM?

One of the most common words you'll find when you search online for face cloths is "GSM." GSM stands for grams per square metre, describing both the thickness and absorbency of a material. When selecting a face cloth, you should consider the GSM to ensure it has the required durability, absorbency and weight for your guests. Here are the three most common GSM ranges:

200-400: This range is characterised by its light weight and easy to wash nature.

400-500: This range is often called 'medium GSM' and is most common in bath towels and hand towels.

500-600+: This range is perfect for luxurious towels and you'll find it in high quality products for hotels and spas.

What GSM range are our face cloths?

Our face cloths are 500 GSM, offering a combination of high absorbency and soft comfort. We'd recommend this as a good range for face cloths. If you go any lower, you will find that they are less gentle for your guests.

Face cloth sizes

You'll also want to consider the sizes of your face cloths. This is important to ensure that your guests get the best experience. Our range of face cloths come in at 30x30cm, offering a lightweight, compact choice for any establishment.

How to find the perfect towel for you

To sum everything up, finding the perfect face cloth for you is about making sure it is fit for purpose. Selecting a mid-range GSM is a great choice for towels that are durable, absorbent and kind on the skin. Browse our categories of wholesale face cloths today to find your perfect face cloth.