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Buy guest towels in bulk & save

Guest towels are smaller versions of hand towels that are ideal for guests to use after washing their hands. Whether you operate in the hospitality sector or are a reseller, your reputation is your brand. We understand that, too, which is why we supply top quality wholesale guest towels in 640 GSM only. As such, our sleek guest towels ooze indulgence.

These towels may be small, but their double pile twist makes them super absorbent. Despite being primarily designed for drying hands after a quick wash, our quality guest towels are incredibly versatile. And, as we only supply 100% cotton, they are soft, fluffy and practical.

Their cotton composition also makes our guest towels very durable and likely to last for a long time. This is vital since these types of towels are used and washed often within the hospitality industry. The fact that they are pure cotton makes them machine washable and easy to maintain.

To keep things simple and ensure a great customer experience, we only supply guest towels as part of our Ultima Collection, in six different colours. That way, you won’t get frustrated when trying to locate the best ones!

How to select the perfect guest towels for your customers

When choosing the perfect guest towels for your customers, you'll want to make sure that you keep a few important factors in mind. In the following sections, we're going to take a look at some of the details so you can find the best product for your establishment.

What is the size of a guest towel?

As mentioned above, a guest towel is smaller than a hand towel. As such, the perfect size is 50 x 30cm. This means that your guests will be able to easily dry their hands, arms and whatever else they may need.

What is GSM and why is it important?

GSM (grams per square metre), is a measurement used to describe both a towel's thickness and absorbency. The higher up the range you go, the more absorbent a towel will be - but also the more heavy! Modern technologies have ensured that towels are designed to be optimised in terms of their GSM consistency. Here is a short rundown of each GSM range for your reference:

200-400: The lower range of the GSM scale tend to be extremely lightweight. They are best for use in gyms or for when out on the beach.

400-500: This is the mid range and is best for bath towels. This level of GSM represents a step up from the one before in terms of absorbency.

500-600+: Anything above 500 can be considered a high GSM towel. They are a more luxurious option and are often thought of as high quality towels.

Which GSM is best for a guest towel?

We would recommend a GSM of above 500 for a guest towel. Our range of guest towel includes towels that are 640 GSM, offering your guests a high level of luxury and absorbency.

What materials are best for guest towels?

One of the best materials for guest towels is cotton. Our Ultima range of wholesale hand towels are all composed of 100% cotton. Cotton is a common choice for towels as it has a high level of absorbency and is generally soft.

Additional tips for bulk buying wholesale guest towels

When selecting the best guest towels for your establishment, make sure that they are the perfect size and level of quality for your customers. Make sure they suit your business in colour and style. At Homefords, we stock a range of bulk towels at competitive prices. Browse our extensive list of products for more information and to find your perfect guest towels today.