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Wholesale Guest Towels

Guest towels are smaller versions of hand towels that are ideal for guests to use after washing their hands. Whether you operate in the hospitality sector or are a reseller, your reputation is your brand. We understand that, too, which is why we supply top quality wholesale guest towels in 640gsm only. As such, our sleek guest towels ooze indulgence.

These towels may be small, but their double pile twist makes them super absorbent. Despite being primarily designed for drying hands after a quick wash, our quality guest towels are incredibly versatile. And, as we only supply 100% cotton, they are soft, fluffy and practical.

Their cotton composition also makes our guest towels very durable and likely to last for a long time. This is vital since these types of towels are used and washed often within the hospitality industry. The fact that they are pure cotton makes them machine washable and easy to maintain.

To keep things simple and ensure a great customer experience, we only supply guest towels as part of our Ultima Collection, in six different colours. That way, you won’t get frustrated when trying to locate the best ones!