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Buy hand towels in bulk & save

Hand towels are similar to guest towels, but there are key distinctions that make all the difference if you run a hotel, guest house or B&B. As a business owner who values quality and your customer experience, you'll need to cover every base!

When it comes to superior quality - the small details will make the biggest impact. We provide a wide selection of wholesale hand towels that are not only soft and absorbent, but more durable than guest towels. Wherever you choose to position them in your guest bathroom, it's important that they are accessible.

You'll want to offer a range of towels in order to leave a lasting impression. To ensure that you can do this, our towel products are available in ten contrasting colour options, from jet black to light charcoal and ochre yellow. They're all part of our towel price promotion, too. Customers should shop now to reduce the cost of your order by 5% when you spend over £500.

Unlike our guest towels, our hand towels are also available as part of Homefords' exclusive Twilight collection. The decorative border adds a little sparkle will brighten up any bathroom.

What is GSM range and why does it matter?

When a browser looks at the range of towel categories available online, it's common to come across the word "GSM." But what exactly is GSM and why does it matter for you? GSM is a measure of weight that directly correlates to the absorbency of hand towels.

Generally, lower GSM towels can be thought of as lightweight and less absorbent, whilst higher GSM towels will be much heavier and far more absorbent. Here is a short guide for GSM:

300-400 GSM towels: This is the low end of the range and is perfect for kitchen towels, beach towels or gym towels.

400-600 GSM towels: Go up a few hundred, and you will find a series of more absorbent towels that are a bit heavier. Hand towels, guest towels and some bath towels will fall into this range.

600-900 GSM towels: This is the top of the range. Whilst these towels will be king in terms of weight and absorbency, they take longer to dry.

So which end of the scale is best for hand towels? Since hand towels are bought for the purpose of guests drying their hands, you will want a good level of absorbency. We'd recommend going for a towel of at least 400 GSM. Most of the hand towels in our range are 500 GSM, offering a higher level of absorbency at the cost of a little extra weight.

What is the size of a hand towel?

The general size of a hand towel 50cm x 100cm. They are smaller-sized towels that can often be mistaken for guest towels or a face towel. Make sure you get the size right when purchasing a bulk order by having a look at our extensive towel categories.

How to care for your hand towels

Any time you buy quality towels, you'll need to take extra care in looking after them. The first thing is to make sure you're on top of the washing recommendations of your towels.

Double check any care instructions included on the packaging or label and wash at safe temperatures. Keep in mind that this can change depending on the towel in question. You should also make sure not to mix different colour towels to avoid any colour changes.

Also keep in mind that harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach are a bad idea for some quality towels. These can cause the fibres of your towels to become less absorbent over time.