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Wholesale Duvet Covers

On average, we spend 33 years of our lifetime in bed. This means that our duvet covers, pillowcases, and sheets are some of the most hardworking items in our day-to-day lives. At Homefords, our range of wholesale bedding promises top quality at affordable prices – and that includes eight collections of durable duvet covers.

Not only can a duvet cover be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one – it also sets the tone of your décor. Whether you’re buying for a B&B, care home, student accommodation, or retailer, there’s no better way to make your residents or customers feel completely at home.

We stock wholesale duvet covers to suit every bedroom and budget. From single to super king size, our range is available in a wide array of colours, fabrics, and styles, making it easy for you to find the bedding you want today.

Duvet Cover Material

The material of your duvet cover will dictate how the whole bed feels. Whether you’re looking for luxurious hotel bedding or something in classic cotton, Homefords has a selection of wholesale duvet covers that will suit every taste.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is one of the most sought-after fabrics for bedding. Woven from the fibres of a cotton plant which is native to Peru (not Egypt, as its name would suggest), it’s both luxuriously soft and highly durable. It also produces very little lint, making it ideal for people who suffer from allergies.


Sateen fabric is 100% cotton, featuring an irregular weave and a high thread count. The fabric has more vertical fibres than horizontal, and it’s this which gives it its silky texture and distinctive sheen. Because sateen is quite a thick material, it’s less breathable than alternatives such as percale, making it a cosy choice for the colder months. It’s also a surprisingly durable material, which will age well without the use of fabric conditioner or chemical treatments.


When we imagine a perfectly crisp cotton duvet cover, we’re probably imagining a fabric with a percale weave. Its consistent weaving pattern creates the crisp feeling we associate with fresh bedding, making it ideal for the warmer months when lots of us want more breathable sheets. With a typical thread count of 180 or more, it’s an excellent combination of both practicality and indulgence.

Duvet cover collections

In need of inspiration? At Homefords, we stock eight different collections of wholesale duvet covers. From the classic Carlton Collection to the stately Vienna, check out our wholesale bedding below.

Carlton Collection

The Carlton Collection is the perfect way to complete a contemporary bedroom. These polycotton duvet sets feature simple details, such as sateen stripes or a rectangular embroidered border in a range of chic colours (graphite, gold, or navy). Easy to clean and classically elegant, they’re ideal for care homes or student accommodation, where your residents can put their own stamp on the room.

Elysium Collection

Available in either mink or silver, the wholesale duvet covers in our Elysium Collection have been named after the Ancient Greek word for paradise. A quilted velvet panel, sequins, satin-touch polyester – these duvets will add a touch of opulence that’s sure to impress your guests or retail customers.

Imperial Collection

Our Imperial Collection is the ultimate indulgence. This 1000 thread count duvet cover is bed linen of the highest quality, promising a fine surface that feels unbelievably smooth. Pair with its matching fitted sheet and pillowcases for a bedroom that’s fit for royalty.

Luxor Collection

Egyptian cotton makes the Luxor Collection as durable as it is comfortable. With a thread count of 200, these duvet covers are invitingly soft and available for single, double, king size, and super king size beds.

Percale Collection

The Percale collection offers a rainbow of colours in high-quality polycotton. From neutrals like ivory, coffee, and grey, to the pastel shades of lemon, lilac, blue, and pink, these duvet covers can be paired with their matching sheets and pillowcases to brighten up any bedroom. Perfect for tonal hotel rooms or B&Bs, the Percale duvet covers are also sure to be a hit with retail customers who’ve got a colour palette in mind.

Vienna Collection

The Vienna Collection was inspired by the elegance of the famous city. This floral jacquard duvet cover features luxurious details such as quilting and gold cord piping, all on a soft-touch fabric that feels as impressive as it looks. Its matching bedspread, bolster cushion, pillowcases, and curtains will create a feature room that’s perfect for care homes, hotels, and customer’s houses alike.

Madison Collection

If you’re looking for top quality bed linen with a subtle pattern, look no further than the Madison Collection. These 1000 thread count duvet covers are 100% cotton, with pin stripes running horizontally along the grain. We stock Madison duvet covers in both cream and ivory – so whether you want to create a neutral oasis or tone down bright walls, they’re the ideal choice.

Modena Collection

The Modena Collection will add a modern touch to any interior. Available in white, black, or silver, these polyester duvet covers feature a satin top with a matching crushed velvet trim. The different textures create a luxurious finish that looks as amazing as it feels!

What about thread count?

When we talk about thread count, we’re referring to the number of threads in one square inch of material. Most duvet covers have a thread count of between 144 and 1000, with top quality fabrics such as Egyptian Cotton featuring a higher count. At Homefords, we recommend choosing a duvet cover with a threat count of at least 180.

Find your perfect wholesale duvet covers

With free delivery across mainland UK and a minimum order of just £100, Homefords offers wholesale with a difference. That’s paired with a friendly team that are on hand to answer any questions about wholesale duvet covers or our service.

To learn more about our range of duvet covers or arrange a delivery, feel free to contact our wholesale experts today.