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Wholesale Duvet Sets

Don’t want to mix and match? At Homefords, our range of wholesale duvet sets makes it easier than ever to personalise your bedroom. From classic pin stripes to glitzy sequins, we stock a wide variety of wholesale duvet sets with coordinating duvet covers and pillowcases, helping you to find ready-matched pieces from our selection of wholesale bedding. Simply add your pillows and duvet of choice!

Our range includes wholesale duvet sets for single, double, king size, and super-king size beds. Whether you’re looking for an understated set that will turn a room into a blank canvas for a tenant, or one with a distinctive design that will tempt your retail customers, Homefords has it all. We understand the importance of a duvet set that feels as good as it looks – and never compromise on quality.

Duvet set materials

Choosing the right material for wholesale duvet sets can often be more complicated than choosing one for a duvet cover alone. Your guests, tenants, or customers will want a fabric that feels as comfortable on a pillowcase as it does over a duvet. So which material should you pick?


Polycotton is a blend of polyester and cotton. Easy to care for, this fabric washes well thanks to the quick-drying qualities of polyester, which makes it ideal for use in a care home or commercial property. Look for a polycotton that’s at least 50% cotton, as this will ensure that it maintains the softness of the natural fibres.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is considered one of the most luxurious bedding materials. Its extra-long fibres and high thread count make it sumptuously soft and durable, perfect for pillowcases and duvet covers alike.


The glamour of velvet has made it a popular trend amongst interior designers. But it doesn’t just look beautiful on the pages of a magazine – velvet is also one of the most satisfyingly soft fabrics. Choose pillowcases and duvet covers with velvet accents, and you’ll bring a touch of luxury to the everyday.


Polyester is a material that’s derived from petroleum, carboxyl acid, and alcohol. The process might not sound glamorous, but the resultant fabric provides a clean, professional finish to any bedroom. Resistant to wrinkles, water, and colour loss, wholesale polyester duvet sets hold their shape and, with the aid of some fabric softener, will age well as you wash them.


Microfibre is made up of finely-woven fibres, usually from polyester, nylon, and cotton. This gives microfibre pillowcases and duvet covers the practicality of polyester, with the softness and breathability of cotton. They’re also hypoallergenic, as the fabric is resistant to dust and allergens. This is a particular benefit for pillowcases, making them ideal for use in hospitals, hostels, or hotels.

Duvet set designs

A beautiful duvet set will enhance any interior. Whatever the style of your bedroom, we have a wide range of wholesale bedding that will complement your décor. All you need to do is choose which you like best.

Pin stripe

Pin stripes is a classic print which has adorned pyjamas and bedsheets for generations. It adds subtle depth to a design without overwhelming it, making it an ideal addition to any bedroom. The stripes can run either horizontally or vertically, and the direction you choose can transform the appearance of your bed. Want to make a narrow single seem wider? Horizontal stripes will draw the eye outwards, creating the illusion of a larger mattress.


Quilted bedding, like the duvet sets in our Elysium Collection, is all about the texture. Most quilting is geometric, with padded diamond shapes that are created by lines of topstitching. The result is a super-soft design which feels luxurious against your skin. The extra weight of quilted duvet covers will also give your guests a better night’s sleep – research has shown that heavier blankets encourage our bodies to produce hormones that improve the quality of our rest!


Floral patterns can be incredibly versatile. Subtle and rustic, or elaborate and stately? You can choose with our range of wholesale duvet covers and sets. It’s an excellent way to bring the outdoors in, while creating a sense of freshness and warmth. Whether you want to add a touch of nature to a top-floor hotel room or simply inspire your retail customers, our floral wholesale duvet sets are sure to hit the spot.

For a majestic take on this trend, why not check out our Vienna Collection? With gold piping and rich jewel tones, this duvet cover and pillowcases is the perfect way to create a true feature room.


Embroidery has adorned bedding and home furnishings for hundreds of years. The raised threads help to create texture as well as decoration, making our selection of embroidered duvet sets as delightful to the touch as they are on the eye. From classic borders to delicate trims, we have embroidered pillowcases and duvet covers that will enhance any décor. Check out our Carlton Collection today!

Thread count for duvet sets

‘Thread count’ refers to the number of threads that are present in one square inch of material. Most duvet sets have a thread count of between 144 and 1000, with a higher thread count generally meaning better quality.

If you’re buying for a B&B, hostel, or hospital, we recommend that you choose a duvet set with a thread count of 180-300. This will ensure that your sheets feel soft to the touch, while remaining easy to care for. Luxury hotel-grade duvet sets, on the other hand, often have a thread count of up to 1000.

Ordering wholesale duvet sets

At Homefords, we make it easy to order wholesale duvet sets in bulk. From free delivery to mainland UK addresses to a low minimum order of £100, our dedicated customer service team are on hand to make sure that you find the right wholesale duvet sets for your business.

Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about our range or to organise a delivery. We look forward to hearing from you!