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Wholesale Fitted Sheets

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Take the hassle out of making the bed with our range of fitted sheets. Available in an array of colours, materials, and sizes, our sheets will provide the perfect complement to our full stock of wholesale bedding – from pillowcases and mattress protectors, to duvet sets and bedspreads.

Many people prefer their sheets to be fitted, as it makes it easier to slot them on (and off) a mattress. Thanks to their elasticated corners, they’re also more secure than alternatives such as flat sheets. Not only is this a benefit for people who tend to turn over a lot in their sleep – it can also help the bed look tidier. A snug fitted sheet should lie perfectly smooth against the mattress, making rumples and wrinkles a thing of the past. Your customers can simply brush down their bed in the morning, plump up the pillows, and it will look as good as new!

Whether you’re looking to dress a single, three-quarter, double, king size, or super-king size bed, Homefords has the fitted sheets for you. We promise excellent quality at wholesale prices – with competitive discounts for bulk orders.

Fitted sheet size

When buying wholesale fitted sheets, it’s vital to make sure that you’re buying the correct size. While bedding such as pillowcases and duvet covers don’t always need to fit the bed exactly, fitted sheets can cause great annoyance to your guests or tenants if they’re not perfectly snug. Too big, and the sheet might slide around during the night. Too small, and the elasticated corners might ping off the mattress.

The good news is that we stock a variety of wholesale fitted sheets in a wide range of styles. Whatever the size of your mattress, you’ll find what you need at Homefords.


A fitted sheet for a single bed will typically measure 90cm wide x 190cm long x 30cm deep. Our selection of single bed sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers is ideal for decking out a family room in a hotel or single student accommodation.


Three-quarter beds – otherwise known as Queen size or small doubles – are bigger than a single but smaller than a standard double. They’re less common than either, but we still stock all the bedding you’ll need if you want to dress one. Fitted sheets for a three-quarter bed measure 120cm wide x 190cm long x 30cm deep.


Double beds are one of the most popular sizes, ideal for smaller hotel rooms, guestrooms, and generous student accommodation. Our fitted sheets for double beds are 140cm wide x 190cm long x 30cm deep.

King Size

King size beds are larger and more luxurious than doubles, making them perfect for taller customers (or those who just enjoy stretching out into some extra legroom!). Fitted sheets for a king size bed measure 150cm wide x 200cm long x 30cm deep.

Super-King Size

If you’re dressing a bed that’s fit for an emperor, choose from our range of wholesale super-king size bedding. These are the largest sheets that are commercially available, measuring 180cm wide x 200cm long x 30cm deep.

Extra Deep

A standard mattress measures 25cm deep – but sometimes, you don’t want to settle for merely ‘standard’. If you want to offer your guests, residents, or customers the indulgence of a super-soft bed, check out our wholesale extra deep fitted sheets. These are designed to fit mattresses that are 40cm deep, allowing room for an additional 15cm of comfort.

Fitted sheet collections

So, you know which size you need – but how about the style? At Homefords, we stock five distinctive collections of wholesale fitted sheets, helping you find the fabric, colour, and vibe you need today.


The fitted sheets in our Imperial Collection are the ultimate luxury. With a thread count of 1000, this 100% cotton bedding has been designed to fit extra deep mattresses on double, king size, and super-king size beds. Its crisp white colour is guaranteed to brighten up any bedroom, while its clean appearance lets the quality speak for itself.


The Cosy Collection is as comfortable as its name suggests. Available in a variety of gentle shades – including white, cream, blue, and pink – these fitted sheets are made from super-soft flannelette fabric. Also known as brushed cotton, flannelette is finished with a ‘brushing’ process that raises the fibres on the surface of the material. The result is an unbelievably soft sheet that will keep you cosy all year round. Pair with pure cotton pillowcases and a duvet cover with a high thread count to make your customers feel as though they’re drifting off to sleep on a cloud.


With a thread count of 180, the fitted sheets in our Percale collection are available in a gentle spectrum of colours. Choose between our neutral shades (ivory, coffee, and grey) and the pastel tones of lemon, lilac, blue, and pink. These fitted sheets can be paired with our matching Percale pillowcases and duvet covers to create a block of colour that’s perfect for themed hotel rooms and your customers’ homes.


If you’re looking for wholesale fitted sheets that are as practical as they are comfortable, look no further than our Luxor Collection. These sheets are made from breathable Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 200, creating a surface that’s highly durable and luxuriously soft. Choose either white or cream for a bed that will complement any interior.


Like our Imperial fitted sheets, the 100% cotton sheets in our Madison Collection have a thread count of 1000 and extra room to fit deep mattresses. Complete with a subtle pin stripe pattern, these sheets are exquisitely soft, with a smooth finish that feels like silk against the skin. Pair with the rest of our Madison range for a bed that your guests, residents, or customers will never want to leave.

Find out more about wholesale fitted sheets

At Homefords, we’re proud to offer free delivery to mainland UK addresses, a low minimum order of just £100, and a dedicated customer service team that’s committed to helping you find your perfect fitted sheets.

To find out more about any of our wholesale fitted sheets, or to discuss a delivery, feel free to contact our wholesale experts today.