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Wholesale Flat Sheets

Flat sheets are a versatile option for any home or hospitality business. They can work as a standalone sheet, tucked firmly under the mattress. Or, you can add them between a fitted sheet and a duvet as an extra layer of protection for the mattress. In the summer, they can even be used as an alternative to a duvet when the weather gets hot.

At Homefords, we stock flat sheets to fit every bed size, budget, and colour scheme. Designed to complement the rest of our wholesale bedding, they promise an additional layer of comfort for your guests, tenants, or customers – and you won’t have to pay eyewatering prices to get it. With a low minimum order of just £100, we’re sure you’ll find what you need on our site.

Flat sheet sizes

The size of your flat sheet is less crucial than the size of your fitted sheets, as you can fold it to fit the bed you’re making. That said, a flat sheet that’s too large will result in a lot of excess fabric that can bunch up beneath the mattress, while one that’s too small will be difficult to secure.

At Homefords, we make sure you get the perfect fit every time. Our flat sheets are available for single, three-quarter, double, king size, and super-king size beds.


Wholesale flat sheets designed for a single bed will typically measure 180cm wide x 275cm long. A single bed is only 190cm long, but this excess is supposed to be tucked under the mattress to secure the sheets.


Otherwise known as Queen size or a small double, a three-quarter bed sits between a single and standard double in size. At Homefords, we stock a wide range of wholesale bedding that’s suitable for three-quarter beds – including flat sheets, which usually measure around 200cm wide x 275cm long.


Double beds are ideal for couples staying in B&Bs or renting student accommodation. Our wholesale flat sheets for double beds are 230cm wide x 275cm long, providing a little extra room than our three-quarter sheets.

King Size

Flat sheets for King size beds are squarer than their smaller counterparts, measuring 275cm wide x 275cm long. Bear in mind that fitting a flat sheet onto a bed this large can be tricky!

Super-King Size

Fit for royalty, super-king size beds need the biggest bedding that’s commercially available. Flat sheets measure in at an enormous 305cm wide x 275cm long, turning bedmaking into a bit of a workout!

Flat sheet material

Because flat sheets usually lie directly against the skin, the material you choose is incredibly important. Fortunately, we’ve made things easy for you with this breakdown of the different fabrics we stock for our wholesale flat sheets.


Flannelette is a popular choice for flat sheets, particularly in the colder months. This material is created using a process known as ‘brushing’, which causes the fibres on the surface of the fabric to rise up slightly (hence its other name of ‘brushed cotton’). Incredibly soft and slightly textured, flannelette sheets help to retain body heat and work as a wonderful alternative to a duvet when the weather is warm.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton is considered a luxury bedding material – not only for pillowcases and duvet covers, but for wholesale flat and fitted sheets too. Its high thread count and thick weave make it beautifully soft, while still retaining the breathability of cotton.


Flat sheets with a percale weave are a perfect choice for people who prefer crisp, fresh bedding. Its distinctive weaving pattern (one thread over, one thread under) creates a matte finish to the fabric without compromising its breathability, ensuring your guests, tenants, or customers can stay comfortable all year round.

Flat sheet thread count

The thread count of a sheet, pillowcase, or duvet cover refers to the number of threads within one square inch of material. Although this is only one aspect to consider when choosing your flat sheets, it should be an important factor. The best thread count for you will depend on whether you’re buying flat sheets for commercial use or to resell, as anything with a thread count of 300 or above can be difficult to care for.

Many people believe that the higher the thread count, the better – but if you’re going to be washing your bedding frequently and want something that will dry quickly, a high thread count could be counterproductive. Fabrics such as polyester or microfiber, which typically have a lower thread count, dry more quickly than alternatives such as Egyptian cotton. Although they’re less luxurious, they may be better suited to your needs.

At Homefords, we recommend choosing wholesale flat sheets with a thread count of between 180 and 300 if you’ll require a quick turnaround of bedding. This will mean your sheets are still soft against the skin, without needing a high level of care.

Wholesale flat sheet experts

In addition to our wholesale flat sheets, we pride ourselves on offering free delivery to mainland UK addresses, a low minimum order of just £100, and a dedicated customer service team that’s always happy to help you with your order.

To find out more about our range of flat sheets, or to ask about arranging a delivery, feel free to contact our wholesale experts today.