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Wholesale Pillowcase Pairs

At Homefords, our matching pillowcase pairs make it easier than ever for you to dress a double or king-size bed. From flannelette to cotton percale and pin striped to quilted velvet, we stock a wide array of wholesale pillowcase pairs that will complement any décor. Coordinate your pillows with the duvet sets and sheets in our range of wholesale bedding, or mix and match for a bespoke combination. The choice is totally yours!

We believe that the perfect pillowcase pair shouldn’t just feel fantastic – it should also look inviting, providing the focal point at the top of a beautifully made bed. Luckily, Homefords won’t ever make you choose between appearance and performance. All of our products promise supreme quality at affordable prices, with bulk discounts always available for our clients.

Which pillowcase pair should I choose?

You’ve probably considered the design of your wholesale pillowcase pairs – but have you thought about the style and shape? Try layering different styles in front of each other for a wonderfully cosy bed that your guests or residents won’t be able to resist.


The Housewife pillowcase is probably the most common design. This features a hidden pocket at one end that tucks over to enclose the pillow securely. It seems simple to us now, but it wasn’t until the 1880s that this adaptation to the standard pair of pillowcases were developed!


Oxford pillowcase pairs have a decorative fabric trim around their borders, usually measuring 5cm in width. This makes the pillows appear larger than they actually are. As a result, Oxford pillowcases are ideal for layering with Housewife pillowcases at the top of the bed.

Pillowcase protector

Just like a mattress protector, a pillowcase protector is a waterproof layer that’s designed to sit between your pillow and your outer pillowcase. This helps to protect against spillages, wear and tear, and even excess sweat in the summer.

Pillowcase pair materials

The best material for your wholesale pillowcase pairs is largely a matter of personal preference. However, depending on whether you’re buying for a commercial property or retailer, it’s also wise to consider factors such as how long different fabrics last and how well they respond to regular washing.

Cotton percale

Cotton percale is a closely woven fabric that has the characteristic ‘crisp’ texture we imagine when we think of fresh bedding. With a thread count of at least 180, this material is medium weight and has a smooth, matte finish. Despite its tight weave, it’s very breathable, so there’s no danger of it becoming uncomfortable in warmer weather.


Also known as brushed cotton, flannelette gains its distinctive texture from a finishing process which ‘brushes’ up the fibres on its surface. This helps to separate some of the fibres, creating a fluffy and tactile material. Flannelette is one of the most comforting fabrics available, making it especially perfect for the cold winter months. However, it can be prone to pilling if it’s washed very frequently.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton – which can last for decades if it’s looked after properly – is often considered a gold standard when it comes to bedding. This material has become a bit of a misnomer, as it’s now often woven from the fibres of a cotton plant that’s actually native to Peru. These fibres are extra-long, giving Egyptian cotton its sought-after softness and durable strength. They also produce much smaller quantities of lint than other fabrics, so it’s an excellent choice for beds in care homes, hospitals, and hotels, where residents could suffer from allergies.

Pillowcase pair thread count

If you’ve come across the phrase ‘thread count’ while browsing our selection of wholesale bedding, you might be wondering what exactly it means. This term refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads (also known as weft threads and warp threads) that make up one square inch of fabric. For bedding, this number is usually somewhere between 144 and 1000, with a higher thread count generally indicating a premium material.

The benefits of a higher thread count can include a smoother texture, a tighter (and therefore more durable) weave, and greater resistance to warping. However, high thread counts can also be difficult to maintain – particularly if you’re buying for a commercial property such as a B&B or hostel, where you’ll be washing the bedding frequently.

As a general rule, we recommend that you choose a pillowcase with a thread count of 180-300. This will provide you and your residents with a good balance between practicality and performance.

So-called ‘hotel-grade’ bedding is often more luxurious, made from fine fabrics such as Egyptian cotton. Check out our Imperial or Madison Collections for 1000 thread count pillowcase pairs that will make it incredibly hard for your guests to get out of bed…

Speak to a wholesale pillowcase specialist

At Homefords, we believe in bringing real value to our customers. In addition to our range of pillowcase pairs, we offer free delivery to mainland UK addresses, a minimum order of only £100, and a team of wholesale experts that are on-hand to hear your enquiries.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our pillowcase pairs, discuss our wholesale bedding, or ask about placing an order, feel free to get in touch with our team today.