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Wholesale Pillowcases

There’s nothing quite like that moment your head hits the pillow – and at Homefords, we believe that the right pillowcases can make the experience even better. From decorative jacquard pillows to indulgent Egyptian cotton, our range beautifully complements our stock of wholesale bedding, where you’ll find duvet covers, bedspreads, and sheets to suit every interior.

Our pillowcases promise excellent quality at affordable wholesale prices. Whether you’re looking to cover an orthopaedic pillow or create a matching duvet set, you’ll find what you need at Homefords.

Which pillowcase should I choose?

Pillowcase style

You might think that the design of your pillowcase is more important than the style. But at Homefords, we stock various shapes of pillowcase, and believe that all of them will bring something different to your bedroom.


The Housewife pillowcase is one of the most popular styles, thanks to a simple modification. Typically measuring 75cm wide x 50cm tall, these pillowcases are sewn shut at one end with an inside flap of material at the other. This flap can be tucked over the pillow to secure it in place. We take this design for granted today, but it was a revolutionary improvement on earlier pillowcases, which were simply left half open!


The Oxford pillowcase is a fancier version of the Housewife. It’s the same size and design, but has a decorative border of fabric that runs around all four edges (usually approximately 5cm in width). These borders enhance the appearance of your wholesale pillows, making them seem larger than they actually are – a great way to make a bed look even more inviting!


Orthopaedic pillows – otherwise known as V-shaped pillows – shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on style. These pillows are shaped to support somebody’s neck and head when they’re sitting up in bed, making them particularly helpful for people in hospitals or care homes. And with our range of fantastic V-shaped wholesale pillowcases, you can make sure that they look as good as they feel.

Pillowcase collections

Found your dream duvet covers and want the pillowcases to match? Our collections of wholesale pillowcases coordinate perfectly with our selection of duvet covers, bedspreads, and sheets.

Luxor Collection

The Oxford pillowcases in our Luxor Collection are as luxe as their name suggests. Made from classic Egyptian cotton, these pillowcases have a thread count of 200 and are available in either cream or white. Team with its matching duvet cover and fitted sheet for a bed that feels as soft as a cloud.

Percale Collection

The Percale Collection includes V-shaped pillowcases in a variety of delicate shades. With a breathable percale weave, these pillowcases are available in neutral tones (white, ivory, and coffee) as well as cheerful pastels (blue, pink, lemon, and lilac). We can’t think of a better way to brighten up your residents’ orthopaedic pillows!

Summerseat Collection

Our Summerseat Collection is elegantly understated. These wholesale pillowcases feature a quilted paisley design and an Oxford border, adding subtle texture to your bedding. Choose yours in either aubergine, mink, cream, or silver, and pair with the matching bedspread for a splash of colour that will delight your guests, residents, and customers alike.

Banbury Collection

A classic take on the contemporary velvet trend, the pillowcases in our Banbury Collection are available in two striking shades: golden ochre and deep taupe. The plush fabric feels luxuriously soft, with extra padding thanks to its all-over quilted design. These pillowcases are sure to be a hit with retail customers – in fact, velvet is proving so popular that it’s even being dubbed ‘the fabric of the year’ by fashion brands and interior designers!

Imperial Collection

Looking for bedding that’s fit for a king? These 1000 thread count pillowcases feature an Oxford border and delicate cut-out trim. Crisp white yet super soft, our Imperial Collection is the ideal choice for luxury hotel rooms or discerning retail customers.

Madison Collection

Our Madison Collection combines classic styling with indulgent material. These pure cotton pillowcases feature a thread count of 1000 and a subtle pin stripe pattern, creating a timeless design that will complement any décor. Even better, the smooth texture of the fabric can help to reduce static on your hair as you sleep. This makes the Madison Collection a wonderful addition to high-end hotel rooms or beautiful guest beds.

What about thread count?

The thread count of a fabric refers to the number of threads (both horizontal and vertical) that make up one square inch of material. Typically, bedding has a thread count between 144 and 1000. If you’re buying for a property such as a B&B, hostel, or student residence, we usually recommend choosing a fabric with a thread count of 180-300, as anything above 300 can be difficult to maintain.

However, it’s also worth remembering that pillowcases with a higher thread count are generally softer and silkier than alternatives with a lower thread count. This can make them gentler on your hair and face, which could be an advantage for those who have sensitive skin.

Speak to a wholesale expert

Our wholesale pillowcases aren’t the only things we’re proud of. We’re also committed to offering free delivery to UK mainland addresses, a minimum order of just £100, and a customer service team which is always happy to answer your questions about our range.

Get in touch with one of our wholesale experts today to find out more about our pillowcases or to discuss a delivery.