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Wholesale Fitted Platform Valance Sheets

It’s always tempting to use the space underneath a bed for storage. Whether a guest needs somewhere to hide away their suitcase in a small hotel room, or a care home resident needs to keep their medical supplies close at hand, this space often seems the perfect place to put things which we don’t want cluttering up the floor. Yet nothing will ruin the effect of a beautifully made bed faster than unsightly storage boxes and bulging suitcases!

The solution? Our selection of fitted valance sheets, which have been carefully curated to complement our range of wholesale bedding. Thanks to its draping fabric, valance sheets are designed to reach the floor, effortlessly covering any of the belongings your customers or guests have stashed beneath the bed. Not only do these sheets help to keep things tidy – they also extend the depth of your bed, creating the illusion of a taller and more luxurious mattress.

At Homefords, we stock and supply fitted valance sheets in a wide array of colours, from grey and white to lemon and lilac. We’ve got something to suit every style, helping you to create an organised bedroom where anything that’s out of sight can remain out of mind.

Fitted valance sheet size

If you’re looking to buy fitted sheets, it’s always important to make sure that you order the correct size – and wholesale fitted valance sheets are no exception. Although the extra draped material at the sides will make it harder for the sheets to slide off during the night, they can still end up moving around if the corners aren’t hooked tightly around the corners of the mattress. This can be incredibly annoying for your guests or tenants, especially if the material becomes bunched up beneath the duvet.

Fortunately, our guide to the different sizes of valance sheet which we stock at Homefords will help you hit the right spot every time.


Our fitted valance sheets for single beds measure 91cm wide x 191cm long. These have been designed to fit tightly on a standard single mattress.


A double bed is the perfect choice for a modest hotel room or B&B for couples. Our double fitted valance sheets are 137cm wide x 191cm long.

King size

More indulgent than a double, a king-size bed will give your guests or customers the luxury of some extra legroom. A fitted valance sheet to match will measure 152cm wide x 198cm long.

Fitted valance sheet material

Fitted valance sheets have to endure more wear and tear than standard fitted sheets. This is because its extra drapes (the valances) hang down over each side of the bed, leaving them more exposed to dust mites and more vulnerable to getting caught or torn.

At Homefords, we think one of the best materials for a fitted valance sheet is a polyester blend, as this will be able to keep up with its daily use in hotel rooms, student accommodation, or your customers’ homes.


Because polycotton is synthetic, it’s often seen as an inferior alternative to natural fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, silk, or bamboo. However, the secret is to choose a blend which contains at least 50% cotton. This will ensure that the material maintains the softness and breathability of its natural fibres, whilst enjoying the practicality of polyester (which is resistant to water, wrinkles, and loss of colour).

The wholesale fitted valance sheets in our Percale Collection are 50% cotton and 50% polyester, with a medium-grade thread count of 180. Available in eight different colours – white, ivory, grey, coffee, blue, pink, lilac, and lemon – these sheets are a perfect match for our Percale duvet covers, pillowcases, and flat sheets. Pick your favourite shade and create a striking colour-block bed that will coordinate with your interior!

Fitted valance sheet thread count

When we talk about ‘thread count’, we’re referring to the number of horizontal and vertical threads (also known as weft threads and warp threads) that are present in one square inch of fabric. Most bedding has a thread count of 144 – 1000, with higher thread counts creating a smoother texture and more durable weave.

Because bedding with a high thread count can be difficult to maintain, we recommend choosing products which are between 180 and 300 if you’re likely to be washing them on a regular basis. This will give your residents or customers a ‘happy medium’ between practicality and performance.

Let’s talk about wholesale fitted valance sheets

From fitted valance sheets to duvet covers, we’re delighted to bring you our complete range of wholesale bedding.

As a dedicated wholesale supplier, we’re also proud to offer free delivery to mainland UK addresses, a selection of bulk discounts, a minimum order amount of just £100, and a team of wholesale experts who are always happy to answer questions about our stock. Feel free to get in touch with our customer service team today!