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Wholesale Curtains

Looking for an online wholesale curtain supplier in the UK? At Homefords, we supply high quality wholesale curtains in bulk discount prices. Whether you want to buy eyelet, pencil pleat or blackout window curtains, there’s a style for you in our collection.


If you’re wanting to add some style and design to a room, but still want to let the natural light in, voile curtains are the perfect choice. The thin material will soften the sunlight so your room won’t be too harshly lit, while maintaining your privacy during the day. These curtains are often used a window dressing in hotels and guest accommodation, to increase privacy alongside a thicker curtain.


Blackout curtains are one of the most popular types for bedrooms. Keeping out all of the light, these curtains are often used to ensure a great night’s sleep. They can also be used in conjunction with voile curtains, to give guests both options of keeping out the light in the evening or softening natural sunlight during the day.

Lined curtains

As the name suggests, lined curtains have an additional layer of fabric inside them. They serve various functions, from minimising light and keeping out the cold to cancelling out the noise from the outside world.

Unlined curtains

Again, the name gives this one away. Unlined curtains are just one layer of fabric, with no additional lining. Unlined curtains are lighter and airier, commonly used in shared spaces and conservatories. They are also easier to take down and swap out, so are ideal for those who are constantly changing their décor.

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